Statue of Jorge Oñate was vandalized; They took away the Latin Grammy

After the representative and pioneer of Vallenato music Jorge Oñate was immortalized in a statue located in the La Provincia de Valledupar park, fans of the artist were excited. However, the monument was vandalized, because the gramophone that he had in one of his hands is no longer there.

With 1.80 meters long, the statue of the Vallenato music composer was inaugurated last Tuesday, April 26. The mayor of Valledupar, Mello Castro González, met with family and friends of the Goldfinch of America, who was honored at the 55th Festival of the Vallenata Legend with the sculpture.

The singer, who died in 2021, appears in the work with the Latin Grammy for Musical Excellence that he received in 2010, but, according to the statements, on Monday, May 9, reprehensible acts were known in which not only did the gramophone disappear from the sculpture, but they also put a condom on the microphone it holds.

The Mayor’s Office shared that it is working on the arrangement of the statue. Consequently, several users of social networks have felt dissatisfied and, in turn, have branded the subjects who committed the insensitive acts as immoral. In fact, culture managers and the community itself do not approve of it.

“Citizen culture is lacking in Valledupar, what is foreign is not respected, appropriating their monuments that they learn that this is done with the money from taxes, that they learn to want what we have, we also add the fragility with which they are made and we see the results,” wrote a netizen on Twitter.

Several inhabitants of the sector ask the authorities to control these types of acts that, according to complaints on networks, are a sign of a lack of citizen culture.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time that they intervene on a sculpture in honor of a representative of vallenato music. For example, the tooth that simulates a diamond of the Cacique de la Junta, Diomedes Días, in the Los Juglares roundabout has also been the target of acts of vandalism. Likewise, in the roundabout of the Transport Terminal, the statue of the singer of the new Vallenato wave Peter Manjarrés was impacted in the past.

For now, it is known that the Mayor’s Office will pronounce itself to publicize actions and plans that it will implement due to the irresponsible practice in the bronze statue of the remembered Jorge Oñate.

On the other hand, the Vallenata Legend Festival shone again and, therefore, Valledupar received fans of the musical genre that has crossed borders. From Friday, April 22 to Saturday, April 30, the folkloric experience was lived in the capital of the department of Cesar.

On this occasion, the production entitled ´The legend of the singer´ by the composer, painter and vice-president of the Fundación Festival de la Leyenda Vallenata Efraín ‘El Mono’ Quintero Molina, was the official song of the maximum festival of folk culture popular in Valledupar. The composition was made in homage to Jorge Oñate.

According to the Municipal Mayor’s Office of Valledupar, this festival is usually held every year at the end of the fourth month, when “the best composers and performers of the different vallenato airs meet: the merengue, the puya, the paseo and the son. ”.

The contest was born in 1968, since then not only Colombian musicians are part of it, also countries like Cuba, Aruba, Mexico, Venezuela and the United States are notorious.

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Statue of Jorge Oñate was vandalized; They took away the Latin Grammy