Suárez, winner of the Latin Grammys who teaches national talent to the world

It is not the first time that Vladimir Suárez and his team have been nominated for the Latin Grammys. He was nominated twice before winning the statuette, the first in this competition for a national artist. “We show the national talent,” he said.

Suárez recalls that although he is the first national winner of the award dedicated to Latin American production, he was not the only one to be nominated for this award, created in 2000.

“We follow the path that other artists began, such as Eddy Navia, who was the first to be nominated. They started and now, by winning, we continue to show the national talent to the world”, the artist highlighted to Página Siete.

Likewise, the musician and producer recalled that in 1992 the violinist Jaime Laredo won the American Grammy statuette, founded in 1959.

The excitement of the team is still overflowing, one day after the gala. “We screamed, we cried, and everything we experienced last night was a ray of light that gave us happiness in a difficult situation in which we currently live in Bolivia. We flamed the tricolor everywhere, and people applauded us for that,” said the singer-songwriter from Santa Cruz Vanessa Áñez, part of the team, yesterday.

The triumph came from the album Let’s all go to the music party, by the group Sophia. The band is made up of Sophia León, Suárez’s wife, Jaden Suárez León -son of the producer and the youngest winner of the award- and other musicians. It won in the category Best Latin Music Album for Children.

The producers defined the plate as “a story for children.” “It is a story for children, that any adult can listen and enjoy, since it is a tribute to Latin American music, to its ability to unite us,” she added.

The album, like those of the previous nominations, is the result of a family project that Suárez and his wife, the singer Sophia León, started more than five years ago. The producer explained that it was born out of the need to create music appropriate for children.

Another characteristic of the album is that it had the participation of several Bolivians: Ray Zubieta, Alejandro Olivares, Mariana Montero and her partner in other projects, Áñez. Musicians and sound experts from Argentina, Colombia and Mexico, among others, also participated.

It is distributed digitally. Suárez confirmed that it is on the Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, YouTube and other platforms. The partnership between Áñez and Suárez dates back more than 10 years. Both carry out various musical projects, both with international and Bolivian artists. “I met him (Vladimir) the first year I came to the Grammys and from there we haven’t stopped working. In fact, he produced the song for me that I released last year with Noel Schajris, from the group Sin Bandera. Next year we are going to work on another very big project”.

With music in the blood

The son of Carmelo Suárez and Bella Arredondo, the popular Guajojó Duo, Vladimir was born in Santa Cruz in 1975. He was always linked to music and studied various instruments, including the transverse flute and the piano.

In 1997 he went to Mexico. “This is the Mecca of Latin American music,” she assured. “I was a floor cleaner, receptionist and other trades to support myself while I was trained. Already as a musician and producer I have worked with artists of different genres: from pop to Bolivian folklore”. For example, he put music to one of the 2019 conflict songs: “Who gets tired? Nobody gets tired.” “I love music in all its varieties and colors. And the best thing is that I can support and publicize the talent of my compatriots”, he said.

Áñez assures that before walking or talking, she was already singing. At the age of four she recorded his first cassette with his father and at the age of 16 she was a poker singer.

Together with Suárez, she participated in 19 projects in 2021. “I did it as a singer, as a composer, as a producer, with my brand, Jota Narbaja’s, Sophia’s and others.”

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Suárez, winner of the Latin Grammys who teaches national talent to the world