Summary | The events that made news in show business during 2022

Shakira and Piqué separate and agree custody of their children


Shakira, 45, and Piqué, 35, announced their sentimental relationship in 2011, from which two children would later be born, Milan and Sasha, in 2013 and 2015. After more than a decade together living mostly in Barcelona, ​​the couple announced their separation at the beginning of June.

The Colombian singer, who was never married to Piqué or shared assets, nevertheless has a pending issue in Spain, since the courts have yet to set the date for her trial for tax fraud.

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The Colombian star Shakira and Gerard Piqué reached an agreement for the custody of their two children by which the artist will leave Barcelona and move to Miami with the children, informed sources familiar with the pact sealed five months after announcing the separation.

“We want to communicate that we have signed an agreement that guarantees the well-being of our children and that it will be ratified in court, as part of a merely formal procedure,” Shakira’s communication team said on Tuesday, in a message signed jointly by the singer and Pique. “Our sole objective is to provide them with the greatest security and protection, and we trust that their privacy will be respected,” adds the brief note, which does not give details about the terms of the agreement.

Norte de Santander returned to the podium in Cartagena


Andrea Yáñez, the candidate for Norte de Santander achieved the position of first princess in the evening of election and coronation of Miss Colombia 2022.

In Cartagena, the 29 most beautiful young women in the country paraded on the night of November 13.

Andrea Yáñez was gaining place among the favorites, first obtaining a place among the 15 most beautiful, then among the 5 and finally staying with the position of first princess.

The winner and new Miss Colombia 2022, was Miss Atlántico, Sofía Osio Luna, chosen by the jury headed by the former queen and presenter Daniela Álvarez, followed by Eduardo Alberto Díaz Strunz, Panamanian economist; Mario López Chavarri, a Peruvian diplomat, and Carlos Santa-Cruz y Carrillo, a Spanish economist.

Martín Elías Jr. learns to sing vallenato


At the age of 14, Martín Elías Jr., son of the late Martín Elías Díaz, made the firm decision to learn to sing vallenato to continue the legacy of the Díaz dynasty. Martín Elías Jr, is in Valledupar receiving singing classes at the academy of the accordion player José Fernando ‘El Morre’ Romero.

Martín Elías Jr. commented “this is a process that requires a lot of discipline and I enjoy every moment. The time of my preparation in singing is taken by God”. In a published video, the young man interprets the songs “Without measuring distance” and “El ahijado” in rehearsal, showing his desire to continue advancing.

Julio Reyes Copello, Best Producer of the Year


The pianist, producer and composer from Cucuta, Julio Reyes Copello, was awarded Producer of the Year at the 23rd edition of the Latin Grammys.

Reyes Copello has 48 Latin Grammy nominations, 10 Latin Grammy Awards and 3 GRAMMYS received over two decades of success, being one of the most nominated in history. One more achievement in the career of the Colombian producer, whose devotion to his art and an iron determination to continue evolving as an artist, has marked a milestone in the Latin music scene and inspired the industry year after year.

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Reyes Copello presented the first generation of artists under the Abbey Road Institute Miami – Art House Academy Music Performance program, with whom he has been working for a year.

Cucuteña visited NASA Space Center

María Alejandra Melo Garay, from Cucuteña, was part of the crew that traveled to the NASA Space Center on August 20 and assures that “it is a totally different world, the greatness of God is unimaginable in terms of creating everything we see and what we cannot we can see.”

She is in tenth grade at an official school in Jamundí, where she has lived since she was four years old. Her parents, Gisele María Garay Fuentes and Diego Fernando Melo Aristizábal, arrived in that municipality of Valle del Cauca in search of a better future for her and her brother Diego Esteban.

And it was chosen after passing several filters to which it was submitted, including an interview and presenting a life project.

Isabel Picón released her first album and toured Europe


The accordion genius girl, who holds the title of Children’s Queen of the Vallenata legend, version 2021, Isabel Sofía Picón Mora, went on a tour to exalt the musical airs of the Colombian North Coast in European territory.

The folklore ambassador participated in various cultural events in Italian cities to show the artistic expressions of the country and leave a pleasant impression on the retina of the attendees, said her father and manager, Luis Fernando Picón.

The journey lasted 36 days with presentations in various Roman towns such as Carpineto and Gavignano.

The Ocañera artist released her first single “Mi sentir vallenato” written by Aníbal Uribe, who directed the recording in Valledupar.

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Summary | The events that made news in show business during 2022