Susana Baca: Disco ‘Ancestras’ where she participated won the Latin Grammy

The Latin Grammy 2021 in the category “Best Folk Music Album” has been awarded to the album “Ancestras” by the renowned “Reina del bullerengue”, the Colombian Petrona Martínez, and which was co-sponsored by Lundu Centro de Estudios y Promoción Afroperuanos and where it participated our compatriot Susana baca.

Monica Carrillo, poet and specialist in Human Rights of Afro-descendant Populations and member of the LUNDU board of directors, said: “It has been a great honor to be able to participate in the beautiful album by teacher Petronia Martinez, and a great happiness that it has obtained the Latin Grammy. This album breaks paradigms in the music industry by bringing us the voices of women from the African diaspora connected with rural life and their ancestral memory ”.

The 82-year-old Afro-Colombian cantaora Petrona Martinez, who is recovering from a cerebral ischemia, received the news in Palenquito (Bolivar, Colombia) surrounded by her relatives. On the album “ANCESTRAS”, she shares her compositions with various women from the African diaspora, such as the four-time Grammy winner Angelique KIjdo (Benin), and has an important representation of Peruvian cultural diversity, as Susana Baca in the promotional song “El Niño Roncón”, Vicenta Ojeda (Quechua voice on the song “Lenguas del Abya Ayala”) and the poet Mónica Carrillo (song “San Antonio de Padua”).

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Regarding the song “El Niño Roncón”, Petrona affirms that it was the first composition that she remembers doing in her life. The theme describes rural life and the decision she had to give newborn piglets to each of her children. The song is accompanied by a beautiful stop-motion animation video executed in New York by Manuel García Orozco and directed by Esteban García Vernaza.

In this regard, García Orozco indicated: “In the stop motion video, the singers and poets of the album are seen represented with crocheted dolls, which is also connected to a traditional practice usually done by women.”

The award was received by the producer of the album Chaco World Music (Manuel Orozco) and the bagpiper Mayté Montero (manager), who on behalf of Petrona took the stage in the city of Miami, USA The work also had the collaboration from sound engineers María Elisa Ayerbe, Soular, and María Triana who have worked on projects with Miles Davis, Sting, Britney Spears, and Bob Dylan.

The poet Mónica Carrillo pointed out: “We are very happy because we continue to support artistic proposals that aim to create spaces for people of African descent to express their culture from a position of freedom and creativity. Among the productions carried out, we also highlight the album “Mar del Callao” with the participation of children and young people from the constitutional province of Callao ”.


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Susana Baca: Disco ‘Ancestras’ where she participated won the Latin Grammy