Susana Baca: “The affection of the public is worth more than the Grammys” [ENTREVISTA]

The singer Susana Baca said that she is living beautiful days after being nominated again for the latin grammy for his album ‘Palabras urgentes’ and because he will be reunited with his audience on October 8 at the Grand National Theater. In addition, he points out that many young people go to his concerts and that he really likes salsa.

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“I am very happy for the Latin Grammy nomination, I am living very beautiful days, this is a confirmation that you are doing your job, that it is done well. A friend told me that I was nominated and then I told Michael League, who is on tour in Europe, and he was very happy because it is also his job as a music producer, ”he said. Susan Baca.

This nomination continues to excite her to continue carrying out projects…

Yes of course. In addition, ‘Palabras urgentes’ as an album received recognition in March from the German press and also in England, with an important prize that I will go to collect in November. This news stimulates young people, they must say ‘if they (along with Eva Ayllón) are nominated for a Latin Grammy, we can also be nominated’. I hope you put interest in doing your job well done.

Now he is going to meet again with the Peruvian public on October 8 at the Gran Teatro Nacional.

That’s going to be very nice because I just came from doing a concert tour that I started in Puerto Rico, I went to Europe, Uruguay, several cities in Argentina and Santiago de Chile. And it was time for us to come to Peru to present the album, but then I will continue in Brazil and Mexico. In addition, I will sing other songs that the public wants to hear and love songs will not be lacking, because love is necessary in these times, it is very necessary.

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And you artists help us get through these violent times…

We wait. When I recorded the album ‘A cappella’, there were people who wrote to me and said ‘Susanita, you are my only company, your voice accompanied me in the most terrible moments of the pandemic’. That is very pleasing, that affection is more than the applause or the awards, more than the Grammys. People told me on social networks or when I presented the book of my memories, and I believe them, I am happy when they tell me nice things.

Do you feel that your audience is adult or are you capturing the youth?

After doing things with young people like René Pérez, Wendy Sulca, Marié, there are many kids listening to me and it has happened to me on the tour that there were few adults and the rest were young, that has been very nice for me. What’s more, now I say that I’m playing with my grandchildren because all the musicians are young and the tour has been an apprenticeship in living together, because in Argentina we did it by bus, in the old way of rockers, and at the end of the tour the I’ve missed.

You’ve recorded songs like ‘Las caras lindas’ and ‘Maestra Vida’. Do you really like salsa?

Of course, I don’t know how to sing it, I don’t have the voice to sing salsa, but I really enjoy it dancing.

What singers do you admire in salsa?

From Celia Cruz, who is incredible. I really liked the Fania All Stars, I have very nice memories of having seen them play. From Héctor Lavoe, how wonderful. I have been a teacher at El Agustino and the children sang ‘the day of my luck will come soon, I know that before my death, my luck will surely change’… with those verses my heart shrinks because those children suffered too much, they were little ones


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Susana Baca: “The affection of the public is worth more than the Grammys” [ENTREVISTA]