The Aguilars compete in the Latin Grammy

In a rare event in the history of the Latin Grammy, two first cousins, Ángela and Majo, belonging to the Aguilar dynasty, compete in the same category of Best Ranchera Music Album at the awards that will be presented in Las Vegas.

It will be on November 17 when the musical party of the 23rd edition of the awards granted by the Latin Recording Academy will be held, whose ceremony will be broadcast by the Univisión network.

This is Majo’s first nomination for his ranchera music album titled Mi Herencia, Mi Sangre; Ángela entered the competition with her album Mexicana Enamorada.

“Not yet (Angela had not yet congratulated her), I have not sent her any message either,” Majo shared yesterday in a telephone interview. «Imagine, I have not been able to talk to my dad (Antonio Aguilar son), but we always congratulate each other.

“The truth is that it has been a day, fortunately, very busy where the congratulations have not stopped, but of course in a little while I will send you a congratulations too.”

The singer shared that this news surely reached heaven and made her famous grandparents, the legendary singer Antonio Aguilar and the actress Flor Silvestre, happy.

“I think it is very cool that we are nominated, that we are also in the same category. I think it had never happened that two Aguilares were nominated at the same time, and for me that speaks of a lot of strength, “said Majo.

“I think my grandparents must be very proud, they are definitely smiling from heaven.”

Marco Antonio Solís, Christian Nodal and Mariachi Sol are also nominated in the category in which the premiums are disputed.

Ever since Majo entered the music scene backed by a label, Universal, he has been compared to his cousin Angela, even an alleged rivalry has been rumored.

«I have always spoken openly about this because there really is nothing, I have always focused a lot on myself, on my career, and when I think of my cousin, I think of my cousin and the love I have for her. I don’t think about anything more than that, “said Majo.

«I see for myself and for my music, and when I think of Ángela I never think of a competition or rivalry. What I think is that she is my cousin, and as an artist I admire her».

She knows that the comparisons will always be there, because she says that’s how “human beings” are, and more so for this type of case in which the two compete in the same category.

“It’s fate, totally. How I see it is, how wonderful that I am nominated, it is my first album, I put everything into it, and how wonderful that an artist like her (Ángela) is also nominated, “added the singer.

“And as my cousin, how precious that she is nominated, and as cousins, how crazy! That we coincide in the same category, at the same time.”

The interpreter, girlfriend of Gil Cerezo, vocalist of Kinky, assured that she sings for the people and connects with others.

“So, if I win this award I will be very happy, and if it is given to her, I will also be very happy because I love her, and she has worked many, many years for this. And if Nodal takes it, I will also be happy because she is someone I admire and with whom I would like to eventually collaborate, “she said.

Majo knows that this is her moment, that she must be happy, and she treasures it very much.

Lorraine Corpus
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The Aguilars compete in the Latin Grammy