The Ecuadorian couple who are creating a music production company in Miami with the vision of winning a Grammy

Artists Lion Herris and Nicky Stefan are creating the musical & audiovisual production company Herrbroz Studios in Miami with the vision of winning a Grammy for Ecuador.

Ismael Herrera (Lion Herris) and Nicole Estefanía Chávez (Nicky Stefan) are from Quito and always knew they were going to dedicate themselves to music. Ismael studied Music Production with the Berklee International Network and Nicole had the opportunity to enter the Gnessin University of Music in Moscow (Russia) at the age of 14.

Based in Miami since this year, they are simultaneously launching their new singles: eighties electronica “Party 4 two” from Herris and the urban with touches of classical music “ET” of Stefan. In both cases, each proposal mixes current trends with vintage rhythms from artists as eclectic as Michael Jackson, Juan Luis Guerra, Mercedes Sosa or Gustavo Cerati.


Born to a father from Quito and a mother from Guarandeña, Ismael grew up in the Ecuadorian capital listening to classical music, rock and Latin ballads. At the age of 7 he was studying classical piano and at 15 he was already a DJ while he was outlining his studies in music production and sound.

“Electronic music caught my attention since 2007, I found the sounds of synthesizers and electronic elements interesting,” says the artist who participated in the “World’s Largest Music Collaboration Avicii X You” in 2013, a contest organized by the Swedish DJ Avicii in conjunction with the Universal Music Sweden label.

Harris was one of the winners of the Producer Level award, given to the first 100 places of 12,951 projects presented by 4,199 artists/producers worldwide. “It was a collaboration with Avicii, rest in peace. The contest consisted of making the musical production of his new single “X You” together with several producers worldwide.

Today Herris is dedicated to the electronic music production in the style of Purple Disco Machine and DJs Martin Garrix, Armin Van Buuren and Tiesto.

“The important thing is to bring my music with energy and good vibes to clubs, parties and concerts in the United States. Here is a country of opportunities where he who works hard is always rewarded,” says the singer, musician and DJ whose single “Party 4 Two” is already present on all digital platforms.

“Party 4 Two is the fusion of my musical influences such as Michael Jackson, Kool And The Gang and Juan Luis Guerra,” says Herris. “Together with the director of the video, Kristofh Pozo, we had the idea of ​​mixing what vintage and modern.

The video has old cars, iconic characters, teenagers from the 80’s playing Fortnite, old phone using TikTok, vinyl, etc. An important fact is that the cover of the single was created by Artificial Intelligence through “Dall-E”, a company founded by Elon Musk.


Nicky always wanted to be a singer. When he turned 3 years old, his father recorded his first album “Flor de Abril” and dedicated it to his little girl whose voice came out on the recording.

“My beginnings in singing began at a very young age, since in addition to that experience I attended extracurriculars in audio perception, piano and singing,” says the Quito woman who emigrated to Russia at the age of 13 to study music at Gnessin University in Moscow.

“I sang tango with a symphony, corridors… I had the opportunity to perform on several important stages in Russia; one of those was kremlinwhich was one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever had”, recalls the singer-songwriter who listens to Mercedes Sosa daily and is influenced by Cerati, Pedro Aznar and Rosalía.

“ET”Stefan’s latest single marks a before and after in his career: “The song talks about what it means not to fit into society. Ever since I was little I always felt out of place. After the difficult experience lived in 2020, I began to value affection, family, self-esteem, simple and everyday things; namely, give less importance to the material and rescue the essential”, explains the artist who intends to convey a message of empowerment of the human being through her songs.

Nicki Stefan has his base of work in a recording studio located in North Miami Beach where he composes his songs.

“With Lion we have very different styles and we respect each other as artists. We have not yet worked on a work together but we are creating a production company, and together with other Ecuadorian artists we want to give a Grammy to the country”, asserts the Quito woman that we will soon be able to see in a series or movie.

“Acting fascinates me, I am presenting myself in many castings and the time will come.”

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The Ecuadorian couple who are creating a music production company in Miami with the vision of winning a Grammy