The great musical moments we have enjoyed this 2022

2022 ends, a year that has been loaded with good and unforgettable moments In the music’s world. Thinking back, the list of concerts, contests and premieres that have left everyone speechless is very long.

Given this, one only has to wonder if next year will be able to surprise in the same way that this one has done. We review the best musical moments that 2022 has left.

Chanel’s performance at Eurovision and her third place

After a brutal victory in the Benidorm Festival, Chanel was chosen to represent Spain in eurovision with justmoa catchy song with a choreography that went viral.

The artist far exceeded expectations and her performance was a hit, earning a Third place in this contest, a position that this country had not achieved since 1995.

Rosalía’s Motomami era

rosalia She has been one of the Spanish artists who has achieved the most international projection in 2022. She premiered her album motomami in March with topics as popular as Saoko Hentai either The Versace combiamong others.

With this record, the Catalan won four prizes Latin Grammy and was nominated for two grammy. Her album became the world’s second best-selling album by a female artist of 2022, the first by a Hispanic artist.

A few months later, he started his tour Motomami World Tour. With their looks as a biker, created a trend and her iconic gesture chewing gum at the beginning of cake It will accompany you for a long time.

Joaquín Sabina’s return to the stage

In 2020, Joaquin Sabina suffered an accident during a concert at WiZink in Madrid and had to suspend his tour. 2022 was the year in which the artist from Úbeda returned to the stage by joining the Goya night on the same day as his birthday, two years after his fatal fall.

Joaquín Sabina will continue with his schedule for 2023 with his tour Against all odds with concerts in several countries. In addition, in 2022 he also released his documentary Feeling it a lotdirected by Fernando León de Aranoa and with music by Leiva.

Tini’s own ‘Coachella’

In May 2022, Tini Stoessel became the queen of Argentina after filling six times in a row the Palermo Hippodrome (Buenos Aires) as part of his tour. During these days, many guest artists attended, such as Maria calf, Lola IndigoL-Gante, MYA, Duki, Morat or Manuel Turizo, among others.

It was a real success, not only because of the great musical repertoire of the interpreter of Lie to Me, but for being able to gather so many stars on stage. It was a kind of festival that many came to label as ‘the Tinichella’.

Quevedo’s success with ‘Quédate’

Quevedo has been one of the great novelties of 2022. Although the canary already had some songs, without a doubt his session with bizarre It has been the song that has catapulted him to the musical Olympus. The single, known as staybecame the most listened to song in the world during the summer and not even Rosalía with her get rid of was able to take the throne as the song of the summer.

Shakira’s songs for Piqué

The divorce of Shakira Y Pique It was one of the most talked about songs of 2022. However, the singer took advantage of all the feelings she kept inside to release I congratulate you with rauw alejandro Y Monotony with ozuna.

These themes were loaded with references to the footballer with phrases as harsh as ‘Their cheap philosophy I don’t buy it / I’m sorry, I don’t ride that motorcycle anymore / I can’t stand two-faced people’.

Beyoncé’s return to music

The premiere of Renaissance It has certainly been news. since 2016 Beyonce she hadn’t released any records and her fans were wondering how long they had to wait to hear ‘queen B’ again. In fact, it has been one of the most nominated albums at the Grammy Awards.

Jorge Drexler, top winner at the Latin Grammys

One of the great moments of the year were the latin grammy awardswhere the winner of the night was Jorge Drexlerwhich won seven statuettes: Best Songwriter Album, Best Portuguese Language Song, Best Pop Song, Best Alternative Song, Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Best Arrangement

In the end, this year 2022 has left great moments that we will not forget and surely neither will the protagonists of them. What would you say has been your favourite?

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The great musical moments we have enjoyed this 2022