The hilarious anecdotes of Rubén Rada: from forgetting a Grammy in a taxi to being naked in the middle of a desert

Ruben Rada He was in The Rock of Morfi (Telefe) and in addition to bringing his art, the Uruguayan singer told some of his most hilarious stories, which made those present in the studio laugh. The musician, who was defined by Jay Mammonprogram host, as a “great collector of anecdotes” remembered the time forgot a grammy award in a taxi and when he undressed Chiliin the middle of the desert Atacama.

Between song and song, “El Negro” Rada He spent some time telling some of his humorous life experiences, and everyone on both sides of the screen enjoyed his stories.

The hilarious anecdotes of Rubén Rada

“Was there a prize that you forgot in a taxi?” he asked. mammon.

“I earned a grammys to the trajectory and musical excellence (applause in the studio). At that time, they were all deaf and they chose me as musical excellence”, he joked Radaas he began to unravel what happened to him when he was in Las Vegas.

“We got out of there, they were going to wait for us in a limousine to go to the airport. ‘Tomorrow at 11 we are going to receive them,’ they said. I was with my son Matthias, and with juliet, my wife. The limo didn’t come, and they took everyone away. my son bought the PlayStation and a lot of crap, and I also bought equipment for the study. So, we took two taxis to get to the airport, ”his story continued.

“When we arrive, my wife tells me: ‘What a thrill! Let me see the Grammy again’. I tell my son: ‘Matías, show him the grammys to mom’. ‘I don’t have it’, he tells me she. ‘Juliet, do you have it?’. ‘No, I do not have’. We left the Grammy in the taxi!”, Said the singer, which caused an outburst of laughter in the studio.

But the story did not end there. The musician continued: “I called from Uruguay to ask for the Grammy and they said: “Nothing like this has ever happened to us.” They sent it to me and I was charged 500 dollars. I was the only guy who paid for his Grammy.” he joked, to the incredulity of the host of the program.

Rubén “el Negro” Rada went to La peña de Morfi and shone with his music and anecdotesPhone Capture

“After that, I came to the airport to pick up the Grammy. [Me cobraron] 150 dollars more for the transfer. They brought him sitting in first class”, he joked again to put the finishing touch to his story.

Moments later, Rubén Rada attacked with another anecdote when Jey Mammon gave him the foot: “You traveled to Chile without documents, is that right?” the driver asked. “I traveled without documents with an actor, Cacho de la Cruz, who was my tutor,” Rada replied.

“We were in Chile and I without documents. On the way back, I undressed because I was desperate to go back and they stopped us everywhere he counted. I undressed, put on toothpaste and went ‘agh’ (he imitated a monster) naked in the sentry boxes, who waved them at the policemen. Awful. They told them: ‘You have to take him because his girlfriend left him and he’s desperate’. Was totally naked in the Atacama desert”.

“I don’t know how we get out of there, I really don’t know how we get out of there,” Rada finished his story, adding: “I don’t want to tell you so many things about me because I don’t want to overwhelm you,” to which both Jay Mammon as the co-host Jessica Cirio they replied as a duet: “But we love it!”.

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The hilarious anecdotes of Rubén Rada: from forgetting a Grammy in a taxi to being naked in the middle of a desert