The Latin Grammys open the big door of Las Ventas: the best musical variety parades on the ‘red carpet’

For the first time in history, the Latin Grammys crossed the pond to offer a acoustic session in Spain. The Las Ventas bullring, in Madrid, hosted one of those events that, due to the list of guests, do not abound throughout the year in the capital. Names from the music industry paraded along the red carpet, among those that give shape to the number 1s that are part of the best musical variety of CADENA 100. Beret, Alvaro de Luna, Chanel, Soraya, Cepeda, Blas Canto, Ana Mena… The list was endless in passing faces of the industry that give meaning to this station and that were key to spending a pleasant evening surrounded by very good friends. This was just the prelude to the concert they had prepared, bringing two singers on stage who could win a prize on November 18.

With the flamenco singer María Toledo as mistress of ceremonies and in charge of masterfully filling the gaps in the changes of instruments between one performance and another, Pol Granch could not hide his nervousness. In fact, she repeated several times during those three songs that she chose from her repertoire, and very representative of that ‘Spit Love’ that he just released, that restlessness ran through his entire body. Dressed in a blue and velvet suit, he demonstrated why he is nominated in the category of Best New Artist for these Latin Grammys that will celebrate his big night on November 18. “I hope I take it”were the words that he shouted to the sky of Madrid just before leaving the stage.

the big crack

After those minutes of change of instruments, someone as important today in the urban field as Becky G appeared from the audience and with her microphone in hand. With a firm step she paraded in front of the stage and sat down in that stool from which he would demonstrate that not much more is needed than a good voice and a handful of companions in the background as accompaniment to give a show of those that lift the public from their seats. The first thing she did was ask him to lower the microphone stand because she “shorty”, did not arrive. Solved that problem thanks to one of the technicians present in the venue, it was time to listen to it live.

How could it be otherwise? ‘Greater’ was chosen for the boot. A topic that, as she herself stressed, changed her life. She was the starting point to launch that career that no one doubts -and with those 5 nominations that she treasures this year it is proven- she is at higher levels. She took the opportunity to explain that, when everyone began to speculate with that spicy letter and in the face of the scandal that removed her grandmother, she had to point out that what she liked “great” were her kisses. Anecdote aside, it was the turn of another of those ‘hits’ that have elevated it: ‘no pajamas’.

Becky G, the great star of the acoustic session of the Latin Grammys held in Madrid

There is something that Becky G loves about her job and that she enjoys above all else: joining her voice with that of her colleagues in the profession. “Artists together are more”he said with a crushing roundness. And who better to represent that conjunction with our country than Daviles de Novelda? He invited him to get on stage at his side to sing ‘Amantes’ before continuing with that journey through his repertoire, peppering it with reflections on his life in music. “I’m living my dream”was one of the last in that performance where it ended with ‘Mamiii’. It was logical, considering that, as she underlined, it was the song with which she was nominated for these very special awards for the first time and that, yesterday, united the two sides of the continent.

And after these performances? Party. of the big one With everything you need to chat with each other and make music bigger. To continue strengthening those ties and give rise to those collaborations that Becky G likes so much.

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The Latin Grammys open the big door of Las Ventas: the best musical variety parades on the ‘red carpet’