The Latin Grammys seek to extend the “wonderful” moment of Latin music

Mexico City, Sep 23 (EFE) .- The Latin Grammy will continue to seek that the industry “evolves at the pace that music does,” its president Manuel Abud said in an interview with Efe, who confesses that one of the most important challenges for Latin music is “prolonging” the “wonderful” moment he is going through.

“Music is not static and that is one of the main challenges, that the Academy is evolving at its pace, we cannot be left behind,” says Abud, who in August 2021 took the position of general director of the Latin Academy of Music. the recording.

If Manuel is clear about something, it is that the 53 nominations that are presented this 2022 in the 23rd edition of the Latin Grammys portray the diversity and the constant attempts to maintain a faithful representation of the Latin music industry.

“My first responsibility is that the membership is representative of the community we serve and the administration of a comprehensive and inclusive process,” he explains during his visit to Mexico City.

His statements come after the announcement last Tuesday of the nominations of the artists who will star in the gala on November 17 at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

Among the highlights are figures such as Bad Bunny, the most nominated artist with 10 nominations, followed by Rosalía with nine nominations, as well as Rauw Alejandro, Camilo and Christina Aguilera, among other exponents.

On this occasion, they coincide with the taste of the public, that of the members of the Academy and commercial success, aspects that do not always agree, according to Abud.

From Drexel to Anitta, from Marc Anthony to Shakira, the nominations portray a musical range that is increasingly complex to categorize by fusions.

“Every day it’s more difficult because you see pop with an urban and urban touch with hints of bachata, flamenco, but that’s the richness and wonder,” he says.


The international “boom” that Latin music enjoys today is, for Abud, the result of years of work by the community of artists from different generations.

However, he doubts the statement that it is definitely his “best moment”.

“Speaking that he is the best would imply that there was a worse one and it would be unfair to those who were there before, so saying that he is ‘the best’ is delicate. I think the important thing is to say that the moment that is happening is wonderful and that you have to take advantage of it and try to continue extending it, ”he considers.

For this they also work from training, as they are aware of the problems in Latin America in terms of access to formal music education.

The manager explains that the Academy’s efforts continue to focus on supporting communities and talents through the Latin Grammy Cultural Foundation.

“I am convinced that talent is distributed universally, but that it is the opportunities that are not and to the extent that we can see ways in which more talented boys and girls have those opportunities, to that extent we will win,” he says. Abud.

In addition, he explains that this year one of the efforts they will pay more attention to will be promoting the careers of the 11 artists nominated in the best new artist section, such as Yahritza y su Esencia, Nicole Zignago, Silvana Estrada, Clarissa, among others.

“We are going to give each of the nominees a Latin Grammy platform to express their music, and if being nominated already achieves it, we want to work on it even more,” he says.


Regarding the scandals that have arisen around musicians who have not felt represented by the organization, such as the scandal starring J Balvin in 2021 or Maluma in 2019, Abud reiterates his commitment to engage in dialogue with whoever wants it.

“We are very open to constructive criticism, we are a collegiate body, we are not a judicial authority, the membership belongs to the musicians, so if someone does not feel represented and has complaints, I am the first to receive them in my office to see how to make them that member, that generation, or that category feel better represented”, he mentions.

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The Latin Grammys seek to extend the “wonderful” moment of Latin music