The reason why Christian Nodal drank alcohol at his Grammy Awards

A few months ago, Christian Nodal and Belinda staged one of the most controversial breakups in recent years. Thus, after the decision to separate, both have continued to generate controversy even later. The singerfor example, exhibited a intimate conversation with your ex partner to show the reason for the breakup of their courtship and that put it on everyone’s lips.

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However, the controversies in the life of the Mexican have not stopped. In this way, a video was made public where the artist drinks alcohol using his Grammy Awards as a container. As if that were not enough, in the clip he states that these awards “do not represent anything.”

Find out what he said below Christian Nodal about this new scandal and his explanation behind his controversial behavior against the Latin Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.

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A few days ago, through social networks, some controversial images where the singer of “Adiós amor” is observed belittling the Grammy awards while he drank liquor from his trophies and shared part of his time with some of his friends. There, the interpreter is heard saying that his awards “do not represent anything.”

“I’m going to tell you something, the net I love you a lot, you are one of my best friends, and this mother, yes, for me it was a dream to have these bullshit and I achieved it, I feel that for many people it represents a lot of things, and it doesn’t mean anything to me, you know?says the artist.

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In this way, many criticisms arose on social networks about his behavior. For this reason, a week after its diffusion, Christian Nodal revealed the real reasons behind his actions.


Through a live broadcast from your account Instagramthe interpreter stated that he drank alcohol from his trophies since he felt very affected by the industry, after his conflict with Universal Music.

“I, in that process, was very hurt by the industry. I was the bank of a label, I paid for my videos and eight months later (supposedly they would reimburse what was spent) and no, they took it from my money “explained the singer.

In that sense, he stated that he felt that his career was cut short in the face of this situation.

“As an artist, for them to do that to you, it’s horrible. It is horrible that your creativity is truncated, because here it is not about mathematics, because, as Alejandro Sanz says, music is not played, it is felt, so it is about vibe and energy, and I had all those leeches attached to my light ”he pointed out.

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Referring to his controversial statements against the Grammy awardsthe Mexican revealed that his messages against these were pushed by his negative state of mind.

“I said, the net, a Grammy is bullshit because I felt it was empty, but no, it is an award that we have to accept with a lot of pride, a lot of love and a lot of respect because it takes years (of effort)”he declared.

In this way, he acknowledged his immaturity and stated that he has a different attitude from now on.

“When you are negative, you see life so differently and I have been so immature, but now I receive the awards with a lot of love, a lot of affection, and more because it is my fans who give them to me and they are not to blame for what happens. . The industry does its thing, we must keep the good vibes”he concluded.

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The singer clarified his recent controversy (Photo: Christian Nodal / Instagram)


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The reason why Christian Nodal drank alcohol at his Grammy Awards