The story of the Cartagena who won a Grammy with a renowned singer

“I never expected a Grammy, it’s an honor!”

Those words were expressed by the Cartagena-born Édgar Martínez, who several weeks ago was one of the winners at the 2021 Latin Grammy Awards gala in the category ‘Best video in long format’ of more than 19 minutes. The winning musical project was ‘Entre mar y palmeras’ by Juan Luis Guerra. The video competed with artists of stature such as Natalia Laforcade, Juanes and more talents. Read here: These are all the Latin Grammy nominees.

“I am very happy to be part of the history of the Grammy next to Juan Luis Guerra with this recognition that the academy of recording arts gives us,” he said.

Édgar has worked in the music industry in the United States for more than 20 years with Hispanic-American artists, including Juan Luis Guerra, Silvestre Dangond, Carlos Vives, Franco de Vita, Ricardo Arjona, Ricardo Montaner, Camilo, etc. “With all of them we have more than 300 or 400 shows a year,” he said.

He grew fruits with Guerra

The man from Cartagena has worked with the Dominican for approximately 16 years, while the Project ‘Between sea and palm trees’ was born five years ago. “Juan Luis and I have been working for more than 16 years when I managed his project on behalf of the label. We released the album ‘The key to my heart’, we made a close relationship, I am his agent and I sell all his shows around the world ”, explained Édgar.

Later, the coastal man reported that during the pandemic some musical works were postponed, so while at home, with free time, “we saw different avenues to play music and release content, and one of those was HBO, where several had already been delivered. projects with artists of mine, some of them Gramys winners, ”he said. Also read: Photos: 3 talents from poor neighborhoods of Cartagena, for Disney!

Martínez added that only with the release of the video on HBO is already a very important recognition because it serves as tools for the commercialization of music and the artists who show their content.

“We made Juan Luis a reality. We thought to reach a Grammy with this and it was. They cannot imagine the happiness my parents have with this, ”he asserted.

The video was recorded in Miches, a paradisiacal beach in the north of the Dominican Republic, a couple of hours from Punta Cana, with more than 120 people in the team. It was recorded last year and came out on May 31 this year.

Édgar, always from Cartagena

Born and raised in Cartagena until he was 18 years old. His love for music is inherited from his father, Willy Martínez, whom he defines as a man of integrity who taught him “everything I know,” he reaffirms. When he moved to the United States he entered university and from the age of 22 he dedicated himself to the entertainment business.

He started very young working with Shakira, then he went to the EMI Music label, then to Sony, where he was for several years, until he reached Cmn Films, which is one of the largest promoters in the Hispanic world in the United States. Now he is part of a very important company called Lara Life where he works as Senior Vice President, and with this company the concerts are organized.

The story of the Cartagena who won a Grammy with

“I studied at La Salle school, something that makes me feel very proud because I feel very Cartagena.”

Edgar Martínez.

Martínez referred to the subject of music as something subjective: there is music for the head and music for the feet, because for him both are valid.

Édgar has been a speaker on Billboard and has been on the lists of the most recognized worldwide. However, appearing in the newspaper El Universal has been one of the most pleasant things to date, since it is in the city where he was born, something that fills him with pride. “The Cartagena accent does not go away even though I have lived in the United States for more than 20 years,” said the musician who has triumphed abroad with joy.

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The story of the Cartagena who won a Grammy with a renowned singer