The three vallenato albums that were nominated for Latin Grammys

Three musical productions of Vallenato folklore led by accordion player, composer and producer Rolando Ochoa, singer-songwriter and producer Felipe Peláez and singer-songwriter Jean Carlos Centeno fThey were nominated for the category of Best Cumbia / Vallenato Album of the

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This was announced this Tuesday morning, the Latin Recording Academy, virtually.

Rolando Ochoa, who leads the group Zona 8, aspires to the award with the album ‘Yo soy Colombia’, while Jean Carlos Centeno, together with his accordion player Ronal Urbina, he does so with the album ‘Feliz anniversary’ and the singer-songwriter and producer Felipe Peláez with his work ‘El de siempre’.

In this same category were nominated: Checo Acosta with ‘Clásicos de mi cumbia’ and La Santa Cecilia with ‘Quiero verte feliz’.

Rolando Ochoa and his zone 8

After uniting his talent with Silvestre Dangond, Martín Elías and Elder Dayán, among others, ‘Yo soy Colombia’ is the first album by the Zona 8 group, led by Rolando Ochoa.

Barely a year after its creation, this very important achievement reaches the entire work team led by R8, with the voices of Laura Hamburger and Jorge Mario Peña, in addition to the entire musical, management and promotion team.

Cover of ‘Yo soy Colombia’, the first album by the Zona 8 group, led by Rolando Ochoa, with the voices of Laura Hamburger and Jorge Mario Peña./ COURTESY PHOTO.

‘Yo soy Colombia’ contains the songs: ‘Charanga Siglo XXI’, ‘Amorcito hidden’, ‘Cervezado’, ‘When you want’, ‘Arrunchao’, ‘Soy Colombia’, ‘Que vivan lascelosas’, ‘Arrocito en bajo’ , ‘Madness is fixed’, by Rolando Ochoa; ‘The most beautiful queen’, by Tico Mercado; ‘The judge’, by ‘Omar Geles; ‘There is no bed for so many people’, by Flor Morales; ‘I play this life’, by Diego Daza; ‘Sad reality’, by Edilberto Daza; and ‘Your blessed kisses’, by Wilfran Castillo.

Felipe Peláez and an album that was born in a pandemic

With ‘El de siempre’ Felipe Peláez sought to return to the roots of the vallenato genre, innovating with the implementation of Dolby Atmos technology (which changes the classic perception of sound, for a completely experimental audio, where listeners can enjoy the songs with a different dimension and high quality).

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This album consists of 10 songs, composed entirely by the singer-songwriter, among which are: ‘Cosas de la vida’, ‘Aquí me tú’, ‘Guardame el secreto’, ‘Bonito’, ‘Más que feliz’, ‘Now or Never’, ‘That you be my girlfriend’, ‘It hurts more’, ‘Touch mane’ and ‘Alive and kicking’.

The record work was produced by Breyner Gordillo, Manuel Martínez, Luis Ortega and Felipe Peláez.

Cover of 'El de siempre', Felipe Peláez./ COURTESY PHOTO.

‘Vivito y coleando’ is one of the main songs on the album. A romantic vallenato song that he sings to all those couples who do not forget each other despite the passage of time. A theme that highlights the sound of the accordion and the characteristic voice of the artist.

“The vast majority of these songs were made in confinement, more than 50 songs written in confinement. This is just a small part, I have music for two years and I’m doing several projects at the same time. Thank God, in the end, the confinement left me with a high productivity balance and the album ‘El de siempre’ is the initial fee“, Peláez told, a few months ago.

After knowing the nomination, the Colombian-Venezuelan said that it is the recognition of the work of various artists. “We are happy! We are grateful to God, to our audience, to the Latin Grammy Academy, for this new nomination in the Cumbia/Vallenato category. It is recognition of the work and dedication of a handful of great artists who contributed their talent to our album ‘El de siempre’. Congratulations!”.

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Jean Carlos Centeno and his ‘happy anniversary’

`Happy Anniversary’ is the fourth studio album made by Jean Carlos Centeno, on this occasion, with Ronal Urbina’s accordion and the direction of Iván Calderón, guitarist, bassist and composer.

There are 12 songs in which Silvestre Dangond appears as guests in the song that gives the album its title, as well as Jorge Celedón, in the walk ‘Déjala ir’.

The list of songs is: ‘Happy anniversary’, ‘Almost crazy’, ‘I am not a martyr’, by Jean Carlos Centeno; ‘Stray bullet’, ‘Interesada’ and ‘Let her go’, by Tico Mercado; ‘I am the love of my life’, by Omar Geles; ‘Ella’, by Iván Calderón; ‘I don’t blame you, it was my fault’, by Enrique Luis “Curry” Carrascal; ‘How are you going to convince me’, by Pedro “Pedrinchi” Ávila; ‘Your sincere eyes’, by Wilfran Castillo; and ‘I forgot’, by Joselo Iguarán.

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The three vallenato albums that were nominated for Latin Grammys