The words of Rubén Blades in memory of Lalo Rodríguez

The famous Panamanian singer ruben blades dedicated some emotional words to the memory of the Puerto Rican salsa singer lalo rodriguezwho was found dead at the age of 64 in his native Carolina, Puerto Rico, and was buried a week later to the sound of music and applause by hundreds of followers and colleagues.

In his customary writings dedicated to deceased figures with whom the interpreter of “Decisiones” came to share, Rubén uses the term “he moved to the other neighborhood” to make reference that it is not in the earthly plane.

The multiple winner of grammy He said that he met Lalo when he was a 16-year-old boy, at which time the Puerto Rican won his first Grammy in 1975 for the album by the orchestra of Eddie Palmieri.

Blades stated that the interpreter of hits from the sauce erotica like “Come, devour me again”, “After making love” and “You don’t know how to want”, enjoyed international admiration and recognition and “his legacy will not disappear as long as the music of “salsa“.

Similarly, you sent his condolences to his family and all of Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rican singer Lalo Rodríguez passed away at the age of 64. (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

Below is the letter of ruben blades in memory of lalo rodriguezcalled “The Carolina Canary”.

On December 13, 2022, the excellent Puerto Rican singer, friend and colleague, moved “to the other neighborhood”. Ubaldo Rodriguez Santosbest known in the music world of “sauceas “Lalo” Rodriguez.

I met him when he was barely 16 years old and was recording at the “Electric Lady” studios, located in Greenwich Village, that classic of Afro-Cuban music entitled “Sun of the Latin Music”, for which the fabulous Eddie Palmieri received in 1975 the first “Grammy” given to a production in the Latin Music category awarded by the Academy of Sound Sciences of the United States. For this feat, “Lalo” Rodríguez is the singer of “sauce“youngest to have ever participated in a Latin Grammy.

The power of her voice and range are legendary in the “sauce“. After being the vocalist of the Palmieri band, he participated in other groups, such as Tommy Olivencia and Machito, and then decided to become a soloist.

One of his greatest hits, “Devórame otra vez” is considered an obligatory antecedent of what was later called “sauce erotica”. “Lalo” Rodríguez enjoyed international admiration and recognition and his legacy will not disappear as long as the music of “sauce“.

To his family and loved ones and to all of Puerto Rico, we send our condolences and that of all of Panama.

ruben blades

December 26, 2022″.

Rodríguez, interpreter of hits such as “I’m going to dig your body”, “Llegaste tú”, “Come, devour me again”, was found dead in the street, near a court in the Sabana Abajo residential area, in the municipality of Carolina. No He showed signs of violence and was 64 years old.

The artist will be remembered with his strong voice in hits popularized by several generations such as “Come, devour me again”, composed by the Dominican Palmer Hernández, in addition to his excellent performance in the songs “But you arrived” and “I am asking you”.

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The words of Rubén Blades in memory of Lalo Rodríguez