They reveal that Gerard Piqué has Shakira’s Grammys in his office: “He has not returned them”

In the program ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’, the paparazzi Jordi Martin has managed to obtain exclusive information about the breakup of the year: that of the Colombian singer Shakira and the Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué.

Among the new revelations made by the journalist is Clara Chía Marti’s relationship with the Barcelona Fútbol Club star’s entourage. “Sources very close to Piqué say that Clara has indeed managed to sneak into the soccer player’s circle of friends, that she gets along with everyone and shares something that the Barranquillera never did with Gerard’s friends,” said.

Similarly, he assured that last weekend the Spaniard told his club his intention to leave the team and start playing with Inter Miami, a decision that would favor the interpreter of ‘Te Felicito’, since he has intentions to move to the United States with their children Sasha and Milan. However, Jordi Martin said that there is still no agreement between the former couple.

After this topic, the paparazzi revealed that he knew through a source that the soccer player keeps the Grammys that the artist has won in his office. “Shakira’s Grammy Awards are still on display. He has not returned them to her and she may not have claimed them either.” revealed.

The most recent appearance of the singer was this Thursday when she took her children to school and was seen with a splendid smile after the news separation.

“From there he went to the airport, where he took a private jet to London, where they tell me, he is going to record for a couple of days,” said Jordi Martin.

Lili Estefan and Raúl de Molina, hosts of the entertainment show broadcast by Univision, gave their comments on this exclusive. “Shakira is now half a redhead,” said the Cuban-American.

Shakira, Colombian singer

For his part, dear Rauli, commented: “Shakira, I love you, I love you. I’ve known you since you started in the United States, but gentlemen, what I’ve been saying on this program for years: women separate from their husbands and then they get ready and look spectacular, better than ever.

In the entertainment show they showed some photos of the new couple of Piqué and the singer. This to discuss the supposed resemblance between the two.

Viewers did not miss the opportunity to comment on the subject with messages such as: “It is not worth comparing, Shakira is Shakira, a woman with experience and class”, “Shakira we are all with you. You are simply incomparable, that woman does not even reach the sole of your shoes”, “Why do they talk about this girl and make her famous. It is better to ignore this girl, better dedicate yourself to following only this radiant woman who has achieved everything with effort. Shakira, she is the one who interests us, her music, I only work”.

Gerard Piqué.

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They reveal that Gerard Piqué has Shakira’s Grammys in his office: “He has not returned them”