Tito Nieves praised Daniela Darcourt: “Someday she will win the Grammy for best salsa”

Tito Nieves praises Daniela Darcourt in full concert during her international tour. (Instarandula)

Daniela Darcourt Y Tito Nieves are on their first international tour called “Finally together”. The artists are touring various cities in the United States to delight their fans with their music and live voice. Let’s remember that both have been protagonists of various songs such as ‘I don’t believe it’, ‘Fall in me’ and ‘Si tú te dares’.

They have also sung several times in front of their Peruvian fans during the Puerto Rican singer’s visit to Lima and have made it clear that they have a beautiful “father” and “daughter” relationship. For this reason, this Sunday, September 25, the words that the salsero dedicated to Darcourt in full live concert have attracted attention.

The ‘Instarandula’ portal has been in charge of disseminating the images of the precise moment in which Tito Nieves full of praise to Daniela Darcourt and even assured that she will be the recipient of a Grammy award at some point in her career. “Look how nice Tito de Daniela speaks,” wrote the user who sent the video to the journalist Samuel Suárez.

“We are already finishing the tour. She (Daniela) is my daughter, she stays with me at home and also because I took a special affection for her. In many years, I have not seen a talent of hers like hers. Today I give her all the strength so that she reaches my beloved land. I think that one day she will arrive in Peru with the first Grammy for best salsa, ”she is heard saying in the midst of the applause of the attendees.

For his part, the former Latina TV reporter was also moved by what Tito Nieves mentioned and highlighted the love that exists between the two: “The love they have for each other is really very tender,” he wrote about the clip with emojis of a tearful face and a heart red.

Daniela Darcourt was praised by Tito Nieves in full live concert. (instagram)

At her short 26 years, the sauceboat Daniela Darcourt is close to fulfilling the dream of becoming one of the great exponents of the popular musical genre. However, she has not yet achieved another of her goals: becoming a mother. During an edition of ‘The Voice Peru’the singer spoke about her desire to form a family.

This occurred after a participant chose her as her coach. The national artist approached not only to hug the octogenarian, but also to greet his granddaughter. “You want to come with me? Come on ”, she expressed and then carried the girl.

Once the interpreter of Mister Lie” returned to her place, Raúl Romero let her know that she would look great as a mother and quickly, Darcourt made it clear that she wants to become a mother very soon. “I’d love to. I dare to say, although for many it sounds crazy and strange, but I would leave everything I have today to be a mom. Really, outside of jokes, outside of ‘oh, you’re very young’”, she confessed.

Daniela Darcourt expressed her desire to become a mother in ‘La Voz Perú’ | Latin TV


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Tito Nieves praised Daniela Darcourt: “Someday she will win the Grammy for best salsa”