Tommy Torres’ secret in Barú

The capacity for reinvention of the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Tommy Torres knows no limits. Recognized as a reference in musical production in Latin America, he has been the support of important compositions that boast the best voices on this side of the world.

The talented Puerto Rican artist has always been unpretentious. His arrival in the industry began at the Sony studios in New York, backed by his advanced professional preparation at Berklee College of Music, for which, as a sound engineer, he had the opportunity to witness first hand, the recording for big stars of the moment.

The above was gestated at the end of the 90s, at the same time that he became independent to dedicate himself to composition, production and arrangements, however, entering the new century, he did not hesitate to do the same under his voice.

Here he is again, after having taken nine years to condense into an album a compendium of songs that in his opinion, and that of his countryman Bad Bunny, represented “Last night’s playlist”, that’s what they called that album that they worked together, a surprise for the followers of the Puerto Rican, who is considered far from Benito’s own rhythms.

Always adaptable to the requirements of the industry, even while maintaining his essence, Tommy took time to make an album, however he was present releasing music, singles, collaborations, live formats and through others, where he never disappears.

Now the winner of the Grammy and several Latin Grammys launches his most recent single, which to the rhythm of bachata ended the year conquering hearts and is preparing to continue with that accumulation of surprises that identify him musically.

Chatting with dear Tommy

How has the time passed from “Last night’s playlist” to today?

It was a crazy album that we made in a pandemic, that I wrote and produced “Bad Bunny” with Benito Martínez. Nobody expected this album, but now everyone sees it as “this album should have come out”, so it seems interesting to me that what can be a leap into the void, later looks like something simple; and it is that in life it is necessary to dare to do things and then go for others. That record gave me and still gives me a lot of freedom as an artist, because there is no longer a preconceived expectation on the part of the public, it has been proven that I can do other things and they will receive it.

Would you work with Bad Bunny again?

Yes. It was a super pleasant experience, we didn’t have a map, we made music based on what we liked at the time, and having someone like that by your side, with the same desire to create and the same passion, has incredible value.

You have maintained contact with artists with a career, what led you to a boy with a fledgling career?

Benito really looked for me, the call came from him telling me that he had several songs that he would like to show me to see if a collaboration would come out or find that they fit my style. It was the first time that an artist came to me to offer me his music or his support as a producer and that seemed very nice of him, also, with such different influences in that work, it turned out to be a good combination. I like challenges, when something scares me, it’s that something good can happen, the safe thing can be boring.

You are always seen taking musical risks, does your work have to do with so many artists?

When an artist only makes his music, he ends up in a closed circle between colleagues and the producer and it’s difficult to see what’s outside, but since I’ve been jumping from one artist to another, to my music, I kind of see it as normal not to repeat myself. I have also been fortunate to work with those who have been at the highest peak, Ricky Martin at the time told me, “once you are in this place, you cannot compete against yourself, constantly seeking success, because there is a point in It’s coming down, so you have to stay creative and do things that excite you. I have kept those tips.

You come with a bachata, was there a risk?

The song “Mi secreto” has a combination of romantic and real lyrics, but at the same time you can dance to it, which is the quality that I like about Juan Luis Guerra. Originally, the Mexican producer Carlos Moreno Laguillo told me about a new novel called “My secret” and urged me to write its main theme, but he asked me for it tropical; It turns out that I wanted to do a bachata for a long time, I even wrote a song with Kany García called “Quédate”, but we didn’t take it to that genre out of respect for Dominicans, in this case I recorded it in two ways and one was in bachata Still doubtful, I presented it to Vicente García, who gave it his endorsement, suggesting musicians from his land so that everything would be better. I am happy with the result.

How did you decide to record the video in Barú?

They sent us locations, but seeing the colours, the beach and the concept of what they wanted to do reflected there, we decided. I wanted to see everything natural and where people danced very well, Barú was the place, I really enjoyed it. It is the third time that I go to Cartagena and I am crazy to return.

How do you see your evolution in these two decades?

I feel very lucky to continue doing what I love, different things and that the public still enjoys. I’m also happy working with other artists and all that reality that I’m passionate about, although now it’s more difficult to find things that move me and maybe that’s why it takes me a little longer, but that’s part of how beautiful this is, of the liberties I take today and maybe I didn’t before.

You already did even bachata, what is missing in your career?

One leaves, but re-enters. Rock will always be my strongest base, and I’m crazy to make a new record. I still believe in records, although in terms of marketing singles work better on the platforms, I think an album excites me a lot.

album coming?

I am working so that in 2023, in addition to the singles that are released, an album will come.

What do the awards mean to you?

The Grammys are the accolade of colleagues, and in that sense they feel very good, however, I have never believed that this is the north.

Do you know when a song will be a hit?

Yes. What I don’t know is at what level.

What is the song you did and has surprised you the most?

I remember you. I wrote it excited, then I had doubts, but thank God Ricky Martin saw it more clearly and decided that this was the single. That’s why I have to write fast before the fear of interrupting the process arrives.

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Tommy Torres’ secret in Barú