Trueno receives a Latin Grammy nomination and reveals the secrets of his album “Bien o mal” (VIDEO) – Proyecto Puente

The Argentine singer and rapper was nominated for his first Latin Grammy and is promoting his latest collaboration with J Balvin.

Mateo Palacios Corazzina, famous with his stage name, Trueno, is marching steadily in his emerging career, because in addition to accumulating 600 million views, and counting, of his album “Good or bad” worldwide, the 20-year-old years ago he was nominated for a Latin Grammy in the category “Best rap/hip-hop song” for the song “Dance crip”.


Trueno’s Latin Grammy nomination comes amid the promotion of his single “Un Paso”, a collaboration with Colombian superstar J Balvin and whose video clip exceeds 16 million views on YouTube.

“José (J Balvin) was always throwing the good one. I’ve been listening to him for a long time… we kept in touch, I told him about the album “Bien o mal” and he wanted to join in”, declared Trueno in an interview with Proyecto Puente. “We were thinking about the topic a lot… and it ended up being ‘Un Paso’, which is what we wanted to represent, which is the reggaeton that I do and the essence that we give it, with the condiment of perreo from Medellín to unite a little the two worlds… it was as we thought it would be”, said the singer.

The emerging artist says in one of the verses of “Un Paso”: “I am going to be a legend like Daddy Yankee, J Balvin, Tego” and explains what he wanted to express with those words: “They are very great figures from when I was little It always happens with an artist or a soccer player that one always wants to be that person and represent a lot of people who feel the same and speak for many”.

Trueno is nominated for a Latin Grammy for the song “Dance crip” from his second album “Bien o mal”.


Trueno, who is currently finishing his tour of Europe, continued: “I think that little by little we are on the way and we are doing it, obviously they are a legend… but I was saying it in terms of image, to get to represent the genre at that level. I hope that one day we will arrive,” said the Latin Grammy-nominated composer.

The origin of “Right or wrong”
On his second album, Trueno talks about the cultural and social reality of Latin America under the slogan “from protest to celebration”, and it is the singer himself who explains how he came to this concept: “In the two years of work the album he was creating little by little, the concept as well, the lyrics are emerging and the idea is that; use two versions of me as an artist.”

GOOD OR MAL - Album by Trueno | Spotify
Cover of the album “Right or wrong”.

“Perhaps I speak some things a little more without censorship and said a little more crudely and from one side, perhaps, more than a feeling of justice, but always after the protest the fight has to come and after the fight the fight has to come. celebration, and we have to end with the positive things, like another version of my songs.”


Trueno adds that “the album ‘Bien o mal’ is fairly divided into the ‘bad side’ first and the ‘good side’ at the end, because you always start out protesting and end up celebrating after you achieve it”.

When questioning the 20-year-old about the origin of his message, Trueno replied: “I think it’s a personal maturation. Much of what happens to me also happens to me going to another continent, getting to know other countries, meeting other types of people, human beings, customs… perhaps stop seeing the world in such an individualistic way and start claiming in the community that one forms, in the part of the world in which one was born and what does it mean, because it is something important, after all we are a family, all children of “the same mother” would be more or less. This album focuses a bit on that, the claim of belonging to the community and the continent”.

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Trueno receives a Latin Grammy nomination and reveals the secrets of his album “Bien o mal” (VIDEO) – Proyecto Puente