TYP NRIQUE has won 2 Latin Grammys, a Grammy Awards

Oaxaca.-Enrique Rodríguez better known in the artistic world as TYP NRIQUE has achieved 2 Latin Grammys, a Grammy Awards, and 20x+ Platinum Certifications from the RIAA with his project “Tell Your People”, which he founded in 2017 with the purpose to help other artists in the production part, and also gave him the opportunity to collaborate with the alternative punk rock group from the south of Madrid Nous and with the musician, actor, plastic artist, writer, photographer and philanthropist Puku.

@enrique stated that the moment that made the difference in his career was the song “She Knows” with Nous, which managed to go viral in Germany and managed to reach a million streams organically.

In addition, in 2018 Epic Records, a Sony Music label, became interested in “Tell Your People”, which opened the doors for him to get to know the music industry and start his career as an artist and producer.

Regarding the biggest challenge that artists currently face, @enrique expressed that the challenge is to be authentic, the saturation of the market, the prejudices of the people and the lack of resources. And of the formula to remain in the public’s taste generation after generation, TYP NRIQUE specified that it is to evolve with the public’s tastes, without losing authenticity.

TYP NRIQUE revealed that this year it is working with new emerging talents that the public has not yet understood or heard, but that it considers to be the future in the world of music.

Also, @enrique announced that next year he will perform at Rolling Loud in Miami. And he would like to collaborate with American rapper and singer Don Toliver and Colombian rapper, singer and songwriter Feid.

the beginning

TYP NRIQUE reported that his interest in music was born from an early age thanks to his uncle “Miki”, who showed him songs by Rolling Stones, The Police, A-Ha, ACDC, Los Amigos Invisibles, David Gilmour, Pink Floyd, The Beatles , The Offspring, Gorillaz, Chumbawamba, The Cure, Queen, Saga, Michael Jackson, Daft Punk, Kraftwerk and Tiesto.

@enrique born in Caracas, Venezuela, and currently living in Miami, FL, stated that he decided to be known in the art world as TYP NRIQUE, because TYP in another term “Tell your people” is the logo of a group of musicians, producers and clothing designers, which he founded in 2017, and the “Nrique” for his birth name.

Of the difficulties he has had to face, TYP NRIQUE recalled that at the age of 11 his parents decided to leave his native country for the United States, which was a cultural shock from his young age, where little by little he had to adapt to another culture, which positively influenced his musical ear and his versatile style, since that currently allows him to work on a reggaeton, as well as an indie song in English.

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TYP NRIQUE has won 2 Latin Grammys, a Grammy Awards