Victoria Sur, a song that comes from the heart

Victoria Sur will be part of the launch of the book “Musical Stories of the Cosmic Neighborhood”, by Betto Arcos.

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South Victoria, the Armenian-born Colombian singer-songwriter who was nominated for a Latin Grammy for his children’s album “Pampering lullabies” She is a woman with a sensitivity that penetrates the hearts of everyone who listens to her. At just ten years old, Victoria began her career as part of four different musical projects, as her voice always stood out for its sweetness.

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What she transmitted when singing was a feeling that many could not explain, her particular voice always made Victoria stand out, and throughout her career she has managed to conquer various musical genres that to this day he continues to love and interpret as if it were the first time, from Colombian music to Latin American music and a bit of pop.

“The consenting lullabies” of Victoria Sur come to Sessions | The viewer

For Victoria, “Pampering lullabies” It was born without any pretense of being a project to publish, but with time it decided to do it. Thanks to his two children, he remembered his childhood and began to delve into those memories to build the songs. “Everything that is remembering childhood is always going to be a point that touches us all very strongly, of course it depends on the childhood that each person has lived … but mine was very sweet, very beautiful, surrounded by nature”, he recalls .

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“I was very fortunate to be able to have access to the arts, I remember that my mother took me to dance classes, painting, I was in school too, so all of this represented an important part in my life for me. I remember a lot about the song “the iguana drank coffee”, or the multiplication tables sung by the squirrels, and a lot of music that brings me back to those beautiful times, “adds the singer-songwriter.

For Victoria, the yearnings that are born from the heart always find their own way, as well as the route of a small stream that is embracing rivers of more mighty currents until it meets the depths of the sea. This is how the artist perceived this moment in her life in which suddenly, after walking with pause and tenacity through the paths of music Independent, he led her by the hand through the places she has dreamed of, through the spaces that she has longed to be, and has given her the opportunity to meet like-minded people who speak the same language: musical, emotional, spiritual and mystical.

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In the process of “Nanas consentidoras”, Victoria found endless emotions and feelings, nostalgia and memories that sent her to the past, but above all, this musical project helped her to strengthen the bond with her children and find a loving way to pamper them. “I compose many things, I have several albums published and this is the first one I do for children. Actually, this is a project that was born from my experience as the mother of my twins, When they were born I really wanted to sing to them, to lull them … so I started listening to music for children, and I found an album called “The most beautiful lullabies in the world”, where lullabies came from Asia, Africa … many places. Little by little I was impregnated with this world, until I myself began to build and compose my own lullabies with the inspiration of my children “, said Victoria in an interview with The viewer.

A nomination was never expected, much less a Grammy, but it was. His work “Nanas Consentidoras” was highly recognized. “Almost like a confluence of the stars, this nomination for the Latin Grammy with the album perhaps more personal, more intimate, minimalist and familiar. An album that is born from the gut, from that deep connection with my twin children Valentina and Sebastián, and from that musical, affective and spiritual language in which we were communicating, especially in their first years of life: the lullabies ”, said Victoria to the find out about your well deserved nomination.

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Victoria Sur, a song that comes from the heart