Videos | Residente premieres on Tik Tok showing off his Grammy awards

Resident at BZRP Music Session: how was René Pérez’s rivalry with J Balvin born?

After having starred in a new ‘tiraera’ against the urban music singer, J Balvin, the rapper of Puerto Rican origin known as Resident, came to the Tik Tok platform starring in a new viral challenge in which he took each of his Grammy awards and organized them in such a way that he formed the letter R representing his logo.

René Pérez joined the list of celebrities who venture into the Tik Tok social network that gained strength in the difficult times left by the pandemic in different places in the world, there he took enough time to organize the gramophones in such a way that form a gigantic R.

“My first tik tok challenge can only be done by me, lie they can do it but with Billboards”the rapper wrote on the platform.

Undoubtedly, what most caught the attention of his followers in the publication was the song he composed against the interpreter of ‘Mi Gente’ that sounded in the background while the rapper organized all his Grammy awards on the ground in fast motion, “I do this for fun” clearly heard in the video.

Excited, his followers reacted with comments in which they pointed out that this would be a new indirect against paisa.

Here the complete content of Resident:

The rapper would apparently be throwing another hint at J Balvin in the midst of their controversial confrontation

It is worth mentioning that in just two days of having created his Tik Tok account, Residente already exceeds 860,000 followers and more than 1.6 million ‘likes’ in his only publication, in addition, about 18,000 times it has been shared by his fans. and has obtained about 11,000 comments of which these are the ones that can be read.

“AJ Balvin did not like this video”“Those Grammys won with sacrifice, you are a great René”, “Wey is already on the ground, leave it alone”“It is one thing to be an artist and another thing is to be famous”, “Legend has it that this is J Balvin’s favorite account”, “If Residente gets an award for this tiraera J Balvin he will have nothing more to say, he will realize that he is far superior”among others.

On March 3, rapper René Pérez Joglar known as Residente premiered the song Music Sessions #49, which has the production of the Argentine Bizarrap in which the Puerto Rican launches strong accusations against J Balvin as “racist”, “bobolón” and of having been raised by a frustrated influencer.

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However, this dispute comes from the moment that J Balvin invited other artists of the urban genre to boycott the last edition of the Grammy Awards; Back then, the Puerto Rican compared the interpreter of ‘Niño soñador’ with a hot dog cart.

After contextualizing this fight a bit, Music Sessions #49 was divided into several chapters and the third of them was dedicated to the urban music performer, J Balvin, where René asks his brother, Gabriel, if he likes the song and the two chapters that made it up until minute 4:47, to which he replies “The truth is that it’s good shit, bastard, but if you shoot Balvin, I might like it”; Immediately, the singer replies that Balvin is “a fool, that bastard.” Then the recital begins:

“I’m going to lower myself with a bobolón, who sings to SpongeBob and Pokemon; the copy of a clone, the Logan Paul of reggaeton; this is lower than ejaculating without an erection”.

“The people fighting, they are killing them, and the guy uploading photos of Gandhi praying”, It was another of the verses that impacted within the clip. In this fragment, Residente reminds his contender of the apparent indifference he had during the national strike in April of last year.


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Videos | Residente premieres on Tik Tok showing off his Grammy awards