We spoke with Laura Pausini after the Latin Grammys: “It’s just as exciting to be on the presenter’s side”

Laura Pausini (48 years old) has just reached a new milestone in his career. For the first time, the Italian has presented the Latin Grammy galaa Show which is not alien to him, since on many occasions he had been on the side of the nominated and winning artist. Beside Luis Fonsi (44), Thalia (51) and Anitta (29), the interpreter of the loneliness was in charge of conducting the event, held in Las Vegas at dawn on November 18.

Although it is always a pride to win an award, the fact that they have chosen her to present the gala has also meant an unforgettable and equally exciting experience than achieve any musical award. This has been confessed by the artist a few hours after the celebration of the Latin Grammys.

“It is a great honor to always be part of this event, either as a nominated artist or as a presenter. I can affirm that both are really exciting,” Laura Pausini confesses to THE SPANISH. “It is an important recognition of my music from the Latin world. As an Italian, it’s a source of great pride,” she says.

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Laura Pausini during the presentation of the Latin Grammys in Las Vegas.


Although it was the first time that she presented the Latin Grammys, the singer already had experience in conducting important shows musicals. Last May, he fulfilled the same role in eurovisionheld in the city of Turin, an opportunity that, according to herself told this newspaper before the festival, “she did not think she would have”.

Now, with both experiences in her musical history and willing to follow this path together with her successful career as an artist, the Italian shares the following reflection: “Introducing eurovision and the Latin Grammys a passion has awakened in me that completes my work. I really enjoy it and, like everything I do, I try to do my best. It’s a lot of hours and a lot of responsibility, but at the same time it’s passionate, exciting and incredible. She would repeat each one of them with her eyes closed. And of course, I am willing to present other great galas”.

In addition to being grateful for the opportunity received from the organizers of the awards, Laura Pausini is happy to have lived this experience together with other talented artists and colleagues. “It has been an honor to have been able to enjoy it with my friends, Anitta, Thalia and my dear Fonsi”, she affirms in this medium. “We have had an incredible time and we have been able to enjoy what we are most passionate about: music. With them everything has flowed, effortlessly, and above all, with great complicity. I love and admire them very much. I feel very lucky to have been able to share this moment with all of them”, he adds.

Although she seems to have achieved everything at 48 years of age, Laura Pausini is still excited about the new challenges that are yet to come. Last April, in an interview with this newspaper after the premiere of his documentary Laura Pausini, nice to meet youthe Italian singer commented: “I have had a life that, sometimes, not even a 100-year-old person has lived. But in the last few months something good has happened to me, because I think many things are waiting for me. I want to be positive and optimistic.”

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We spoke with Laura Pausini after the Latin Grammys: “It’s just as exciting to be on the presenter’s side”