Wendy Sulca leaves ‘La Tetita’ behind and plans to win a Latin Grammy: “It would be a dream for me”

Wendy Sulca told Infobae that she wants to leave “La Tetita” behind and dreams of winning a Latin Grammy. Video: Carlo Fernandez Castillo.

Wendy Sulcaremembered for his viral song ‘The little tit’was presented at the official launch of the campaign “Mom’s Cancer Face“, event of The League Against Cancer held in the Parque de las Aguas. The folk singer took advantage of the cameras not only to talk about the importance of self-checks, but also about the recent statements of Susana Baca.

As recalled, the national singer and educator, nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards 2022 for the album ‘Palabras Urgentes’, pointed to Wendy Sulca as one of his great references in current music. “I loved doing ‘Mountain Woman’ with her”, Said the outstanding composer in an exclusive interview with Infobae.

The young artist was grateful for the mention. “It’s an honor, how beautiful. I personally know Mrs. Susana Baca, she is a great artist, I respect her a lot. It was an honor to meet her and sing live with her. She is a great human being, she is always worth admiring, ”she specified to Infobae.

Wendy Sulca made a musical collaboration with Susana Baca and Marié, called ‘Mujer Montaña’.

Likewise, Sulca assured that she wants to follow in his footsteps and thus be recognized by the Latin Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. “I think that every artist dreams of one day winning an important award, even more so if it is a Latin Grammy. It would be a dream for me, hopefully one day it can be achieved. I’m working on it, I just released an album and a new song, which is called Mi Ángel”.

Secondly, Wendy Sulca indicated that he no longer sings ‘The titty’, a song that made her famous on the Internet, because she is already in another stage of her life. In addition, she ruled out releasing a more current version despite the insistence of her fans, who still ask her to perform the theme song at her concerts.

“We played a little bit with the lyrics in one of the songs, called ‘Esto ya fue’. That says ‘don’t ask me for La Tetita, it’s gone’. We played with this because at the concerts I gave, they always asked me for La Tetita, and of course I I am already 26, I am already at a stage in my career that is not the most appropriate. Still, I am proud of my beginnings. I still have a long way to go and dreams to fulfill,” he said.

“For me, nothing has been a stroke of luck, I don’t feel that way. Everything happens for a reason because it is your effort and you are fighting for your dreams. Nothing has ever come easy to me in life, I’ve been singing since I was 6 years old. Before going viral on the Internet, I was already a well-known artist in the folkloric field”, he added.

Wendy Sulca spoke with Infobae about her desire to win a Latin Grammy.
Wendy Sulca spoke with Infobae about her desire to win a Latin Grammy.

Recall that Wendy achieved great popularity thanks to YouTube. It happens that your song ‘The little tit’, recorded in 2005, went viral on the platform due to its unique lyrics. “Every time I see my mommy, she is teasing me with her titty. I would like to take my tit, day and night. Rich, rich, rich, how rich is my little tit, “the artist sang when she was only 8 years old.

Along with that song, he also premiered ‘Beer, Beer’ Y ‘Daddy’. These musical themes also went viral on the network, achieving more than 10 million views on the platform. Even until now, her three hits continue to add views on Youtube. It should be noted that recently Wendy Sulca She has achieved a great international achievement by appearing in New York’s Time Square, thus demonstrating that she is one of the national artists of the moment.


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Wendy Sulca leaves ‘La Tetita’ behind and plans to win a Latin Grammy: “It would be a dream for me”