What is your secret? Chat with Julio Reyes Copello, producer of the year at the Latin Grammys

His name is one of the best known and most respected in the music industry. He is a man with a soft but firm personality, which has led him to be one of the most important music producers in the world. The list of artists who have passed through the recording studio of this Colombian is long and distinguished: Ricky Martin, Alejandro Sanz, Jennifer López, to mention just a few.

Now, the winner of eight Grammy Awards seeks to support emerging musical proposals through the Art House Academy program, in conjunction with the production company Abbey Road Institute, “education has always been very important to me. His objective was to find an educational model where he could close that huge gap that exists between the academy as such and reality”.

How did the Art House Academy & Abbey Road Institute project come about?

I have always been passionate about music production, and for some time I started talking to Abbey Road, the legendary London studio, to create an artist training program, and in that creative synergy the idea is to train new talents. They have a very practical program in musical engineering, so I proposed to them to do something similar, for the production of artists.
At this moment in my life, the perfect conditions were given, because I have the infrastructure, and many stars pass through here, so I thought it was very nice that the boys had the opportunity to learn and share with these characters.

In September the first generation of artists graduated, among them is the Colombian Ela. Tell us a bit about her…

She is having the ability to connect very well with the audience, and this is a result of training and hard work. In addition to the opportunity they had by being here and sharing with consolidated artists such as Will Smith, Marc Anthony, Carlos Rivera, among others, and this leaves important lessons learned that are far from ordinary classrooms.
In addition, he has a healing voice, which generates well-being. These types of artists are necessary because now the new generations are suffering a lot in their emotional area.

What are the plans that come with the youth of this project for 2023?

We have the presentation of the five new artists, who will bring oxygen to the music scene in Spanish, especially in genres that were paralyzed in time, because, in my opinion, music is a bit monochromatic, very focused in the urban sound There are Latin American genres and music that are part of our culture and we must rescue them. Spaces like composition, pop-rock, Cuban trova, many genres that have connected us with poetry, and others that sensitize us as human beings.

You have been awarded eight times at the Latin Grammy Awards, what does the one you won in November of this year mean?

The feeling of joy never gets old just from being nominated, but in this case it’s very special, because I’ve been nominated in the producer of the year category five times and this is the first time I’ve won. The expressions of affection and respect from the community of artists were very nice, it really has been very special. This encourages me to continue working as I have been doing, to see music as a transforming agent of societies, and as the way to heal a society.

At what point was your love for music born and did you discover your vocation for this industry?

I come from a musical family, there were always sounds in my house, from classical, Italian, Colombian music, to artists like Joan Manuel Serrat, it was a very wide mix of different genres. From a very young age I started playing the piano, I was always very curious about the power that music has, and although life surprises one greatly, I always had visions of the power it has. I have always been very sensitive to the ability of music to change the perception of reality.

Very diverse artists have passed through your studio. How do you manage to specialize in so many musical genres?

I believe that there is a secret here, it is that one must be very careful of the hypersensitivity of the artist. An environment of complicity must be created, in which he does not feel intimidated, but, on the contrary, it is necessary to allow him to have access to the best version of himself.

The producer is like a photographer who has to create the perfect environment and be ready to take the picture, but my camera is a microphone and I have to be careful to capture those moments that are unrepeatable. What allows me to navigate different genres and artists is that respect I have for what they represent.

You were called to be the first person to do a musical virtual reality experience with NASA, and you ended up being the first Colombian to conduct the London Orchestra. How was this experience?

It is one of the high points of my life. I was doing the soundtrack for a NASA virtual reality experience, I was entrusted with the mission of representing what the trip to Mars will be like in 2030, so I had to create several scenarios for the different moments, that work was done with the orchestra London, one of the most important in the world, have even recorded the soundtrack for Star Wars. Working with them was a fortune, they have an inspiring professional level. On first reading it already sounded perfect.

What is the secret or the key to identify a true talent?

I don’t have a decalogue to find artists. But it is something that I have been cultivating for many years, let’s say that I can recognize specific personality characteristics in terms of hypersensitivity, intuition, mysticism, among other factors that one learns to identify. It is important to look inside the spirit of the artists, that is where one knows if a long career is coming, because it is not a secret that this is a difficult industry in which you have to work and be very disciplined.

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What is your secret? Chat with Julio Reyes Copello, producer of the year at the Latin Grammys