Which Spanish artists have won the Latin Grammy? This is the complete list with Alejandro Sanz at the head

The awards Latin Grammy are just around the corner! After enjoying just a few days ago LOS40 Music Awards 2022 and this year’s MTV EMAs, another week with music as the protagonist arrives. And it is that during the early morning of the next November 18thwill be held at the Michelob Ultra Arena in Las Vegas the 23rd edition of the Latin Grammys.

For yet another year, the prized awards will have an intense Spanish flavor thanks to the nominations of many artists from our country. Rosalía, Pablo Alborán, C. Tangana, Vetusta Morla, Kiki Morente, Bumbury, Carmen Doorá, Las Migues, Estrella Morente, Alejandro Sanz and Pol Granch choose to take home one or more golden gramophones. In addition, Nathy Peluso, an Argentinian by birth and Spanish host who we cannot leave out in this list, is also nominated for three categories.

For them the die is cast. The countdown has begun and they can only wait to see if the Latin Academy considers them worthy of a Grammy this time. And, although we cannot guarantee anything for now, from LOS40 we are sure that this 2022 Spain will sweep Las Vegas as it has done in the 22 previous editions of these awards.

For proof, this list with the artists from our country who have won the most Latin Grammys to date with an unbeatable Alejandro Sanz at the helm.

Alejandro Sanz has 24 Latin Grammy Awards

As we reviewed in the most spectacular records of the Latin Grammys, Alejandro Sanz has 24 awardsone less than Juanes, another of the best-known faces of the installment who is only surpassed by Residente, who already accumulates more than three dozen gramophones.

Alejandro Sanz has taken the stage of the Latin Grammys to receive recognition for works such as The soul to air (2001), Is not the same (2004) and the song With you (2020), with which he won his last Latin gramophone.

Rosalía has 10 Latin Grammys… for now

Although his career has not reached the decade yet, Rosalía is already the second Spaniard with the most Latin Grammys in her record. Thanks to the resounding success of badly (2018) was made with 2 gramophones, and the following two years it was one of the stars, winning 5 and 3 awards in each of the editions, respectively. The disc The Evil Will and the collaborations in With Height, Me x You, You x Me Y TKN they took her to the top.

However, everything indicates that Rosalía has not reached a ceiling. The eight nominations that the Catalan has won for her album motomami They presage that this 2022 his record will increase significantly… We will have to see what the members of the Academy say!

5 for Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias He has won the Latin Grammy Award five times in his career. your album Maybe, from 2003, was recognized as the best in the pop category. In 2014 he was one of the great protagonists thanks to the hit Dancingwhich was made with 3, and the following year, The forgiveness with Nicky Jam he won a Latin gramophone.

4 Latin Grammys for Paco de Lucía and Niña Pastori

There is no doubt that the now-defunct category for Best Flamenco Album was one of the most fruitful for Spain. Teacher Paco de Lucía won the Latin Grammy on 4 occasionsbeing 3 of them for the mentioned category: 2004, 2012 and, posthumously, in 2014 for double entry.

the gaditana Niña Pastori, meanwhile, took home the gramophone the same number of times. There were also three for Best Flamenco Album, and one for Best Folklore Album.

3 for El Cigala, Tomatito and C Tangana

Continuing with the Spanish dominance in the flamenco genre, the Almerian tomato and the man from Madrid Diego El Cigala They won the most important award in Latin music 3 times thanks to their unquestionable talent.

In addition, although playing this genre only on very specific occasions, C. Tangana ties, for now, with Tomatito and Diego El Cigala with three Latin Grammys that he won last 2021. One in the category of Best Alternative Song, another for Best Pop Song rock and the last one, for the complete album for Best Recording Engineering.

Of course, it should be noted that being strict, Antón Álvarez would have another Grammy in his palmares, the one he took along with Rosalía and El Guincho for his work writing the song Malamente de El Mal Querer de Rosalía, which in 2018 won the award for best Alternative song.

Bisbal, Rosario, Beatriz Luengo and many more have 2 Latin Grammys

With 2 Latin Grammys we have a good number of artists from our country. Beatriz Luengo, David Bisbal, Rosario Flores, Miguel Bosé, Mala Rodríguez, Plácido Domingo and Miliki with their children’s albums they are the ones who have achieved it.

Lastly, bands like The Ear of Van Gogh, Jarabe de Palo or The Fifth Station they have tasted glory once in their career when it comes to these awards. Montserrat Caballé, Manolo García, Bunbury, Arcángel, Pepe de Lucía, Bebe, Ojos de Brujo, Carlos Sadness, Los del Río, Álex Ubago, Juan Habichuela, Vicente Amigo, Carlos Álvarez, Claudia Montero have also won a Latin Grammy.

Pablo Alborán, the eternal nominee

Among the Spanish artists who have not yet managed to bring to the national territory, a golden gramophone stands out Pablo Alborán, whom some have come to point out as a victim of the “curse of the Grammys“, since the Academia Latina has nominated him from Málaga about twenty times, but has never awarded him. Of course, this fact can change this 2022, as Pablo competes again in these awards to try to win the Record of the Year award for Castillo de Arena.

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Which Spanish artists have won the Latin Grammy? This is the complete list with Alejandro Sanz at the head