Yina Calderón did not think that Rosalía received four ‘Latin Grammys’

The DJ of guaracha and influencers The Colombian, Yina Calderón, did not agree at all with the number of trophies that the singer Rosalía took at the recent ‘Latin Grammy’ awards ceremony, since the Spanish composer not only stole the show of the night by interpreting three of her most popular singles, but was positioned as the winner in four categories of the gala. Something that simply did not seem to the content creator.

That is why, in the middle of a ‘live’ on her Instagram, Calderón announced the names of the artists who for her should have been the winners.

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Let’s see, I sang a Rosalía song… I don’t know anything but this: ‘disgust’ ah ah’

In ‘La Peluquería’, the section that Yina Calderón created in her Instagram stories to comment on celebrities and the controversies that surround the world of show business, she recounted in a few words that I did not agree that Rosalía had won so many awards, because according to her, it is difficult to remember what the Spanish songs are.

“We don’t understand with fags** why ‘La Rosalía’ won that bit of Grammys. Let’s see, I sang a song by Rosalía… I don’t know anything but this: ‘despecha’ ah ah’. I mean, baby obviously respects herself because she is an artist, but baby I don’t like it, “she explained.

It’s more, he even confessed who should have gotten those awards.

“I would have won them. You know mine more than Rosalía’s,” he assured, referring to how popular his music has become, including the viral remix in guaracha that he made of the vallenata song ‘How it hurts’ cold’.

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But, finally, the content creator gave the name of the artists who should have been awarded, including the paisa singers Karol G and Farina.

“I like Karol G better. I sang one of Karol’s, all of them… ‘Baby, what else’.
What do you think? I don’t understand what Rosalía sings yet, flamenco or is it that they give you that for the studio and that pod that you have or is it a mami bagel? […] Why doesn’t Farina win it? […] I really liked Farina, Farina has flow, but no, Rosalía wins it”.

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Calderón began the conversation of ‘La Peluquería’, on the night of November 21, with the criticism that Maluma has been made for singing at the World Cup in Qatar. But, after that, he totally concentrated on explaining that he didn’t understand how Rosalía had won all those prizes.

Calderón’s opinion about the Spanish singer caused controversy among those connected, who even compared the musical talent between the two artists.

But, as the influencer had already pointed out before, when she responded to criticism of her remix ‘How the cold hurts’, it is important for her to generate controversy.

Everyone likes controversy, we like it! That’s why we all generate and try to generate (controversy) everywhere, because that gives us all. And that makes them talk about me today, and talk about me, it gives me money.”


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Yina Calderón did not think that Rosalía received four ‘Latin Grammys’