YouTube faces lawsuit from Grammy winner over copyright protection

August 3, 2022 | 12:40 p.m.

Youtube, of Alphabet, failed to persuade a California judge to dismiss a demand Brought to you by a group of content creators who say the video streaming giant only protects the interests of big copyright owners like major studios and record labels.

The United States District Court, james donatosaid YouTube failed to show that it should dismiss the lawsuit brought by “normal” copyright owners, led by the Grammy-winning songwriter Mary Schneiderat an early stage of the case.

Seven-time Grammy winner Maria Schneider claimed in her lawsuit that the control system for Copyright YouTube’s two-tier system only protects “powerful copyright owners,” such as big movie studios and record labels, while small producers are left to fend for themselves.

Content IDYouTube’s digital copyright management tool, which uncovers unauthorized use of copyrighted material, is at the heart of the case.

Lawyers for YouTube and its parent company, Google, did not immediately respond to a request for comments from Reuters; while the plaintiffs’ lawyers also did not respond to the same request.

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YouTube, with lawsuit since 2020 for copyright

Schneider sued YouTube in 2020 on behalf of a proposed class of small copyright owners, arguing that the platform only protects large copyright owners from infringement while allowing “pirated content” of others to attract users.

The group said that leading companies have access to advanced identity identification software YouTube content to automatically scan and block infringing content, while leaving individual creators “on the sidelines”.

YouTube raised several arguments last year to dismiss the case. He told the court that the group had not identified all the Copyright for which they were suing.

Plaintiffs claim the right to add new copyrights to the case whenever they please, making their claims a moving target

YouTube said at the time.

The company also said that the group failed to prove that it owned some of the copyrights in question and that it did not Registration others before suing.

Donato said Monday that YouTube’s arguments were “useless.” The judge said the lawsuit identifies specific works whose copyright YouTube allegedly violated, which was enough to give the platform “fair notice” of claims.

The judge also rejected YouTube’s arguments based on the group’s alleged lack of show property and copyright registration.

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YouTube faces lawsuit from Grammy winner over copyright protection