5 artists who fought each other and hate each other to death

Within the music industry there is a great variety of anecdotes, but the ones that have marked an important chapter are the feuds, which have led to the creation of songs and solo careers. For this reason, at Sonica.mx, we present artists That they fought each other and hate each other to death.

In this list you will find all kinds of fights, which began from the same media to the whims of an artist who did not think who was the winner of an award.

Artists who fought and never reconciled

  • Taylor Swift and Kanye West

In a list that gathers artists That they fought each other and they hate each other to death can not miss the names of Taylor Swift Y kanye-west. Her feud began when the rapper interrupted the singer in her thank you speech after winning the MTV award for ‘Best Female Video’ (2009).

Although the interpreter of “Power” came to apologize, he was not completely sorry and even stated: “thanks to my interruption, Taylor has appeared on the cover of a hundred magazines and has sold a million records.” Although they reconciled in 2015, West’s “Famous” song represented a break in their reconciliation.

  • Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez

Everything goes back to 2000, when in an interview they asked Mariah Carey what was your opinion about Jennifer Lopez, who at the time was the pop star taking the industry by storm. The diva’s response was: “I don’t know her.” According to international media, her words derived an enmity, which was denied by JLO with a bit of irony: “I know that she does not say very nice things about me, but we are not enemies. I’m a fan of hers and I’d love to meet her.”

After that, both continued to show indifference to their careers, for example, JLO looked at her cell phone when Mariah appeared at a ceremony. By 2016, Lopez said: “Of course you know me, I’m sure it was a slip. I guess she has a bad memory, ”but some time later, Carey just said:“ I still don’t know her! ”.

  • Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus

If the artists who fought each other and hate each other to death have taught us anything, it is that you never go where they don’t call you. Or at least that let us see the enmity between Nicki Minaj Y Miley Cyrus, which began with a Twitter fight that first started with Taylor Swift. Later, the “Adore You” singer showed that she was Team Swift.

At the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, when Minaj received the award for her video “Anacando”, she took the opportunity to dedicate a few words to Cyrus, who was the official host of the ceremony: “Look at this z***, who had a lot to say to the press the other day: How are you doing, Miley? Although the singer responded by saying that her statement was manipulated and they made a song together, Nicki never forgave her.

  • Roger Waters and David Gilmour

the fight between Roger Waters Y David Gilmour It happened during the recording sessions for Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ album, where the famous bassist allegedly belittled his peers: “There’s no point in Gilmour, Mason or Wright writing lyrics, because they’ll never be better than mine.” The success of the album caused the musician to separate from the group during the tour until, presumably, he came to stay in a different hotel from his companions.

In 1985, Waters decided to go solo, but he also wanted to disband Pink Floyd, which Gilmour refused. They both went to court where he won the band to continue working. Although their hatred continued until 2005, when they met to play together.

  • Noël Gallagher and Liam Gallagher

Yes, in the family there can also be hatred, just as Cain and Abel presented it. To conclude the list of artists That they fought and they hate each other to death, we decided to include the Gallagher brothers. The conflict began in 1994, after an Oasis concert, where Liam argues with Noel and throws his tambourine at his head. From there, they cannot be seen even in painting.

The final break between Noel Gallagher Y Liam Gallagher It happened in 2009 when Oasis was dissolved due to the fact that the brothers kept insulting each other and fighting. In fact, although they are no longer in the same band, they still insult each other whenever they can.

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5 artists who fought each other and hate each other to death