5 Dua Lipa songs to celebrate the artist’s 27 years

“IDGAF”, “Break my heart” either “electricity” are some of the most popular songs of Dua Lipa. With the first single he launched on the market, that famous “newrules”that Aitana covered in Operación Triunfo 2018taught us the basic rules to avoid having any type of contact with your ex-partner.

Born in London on August 22, 1995the composer is the daughter of Kosovar Albanian refugees who emigrated to the English capital in the 1990s. She shares her passion for music with her father DukahjinVocalist of the band “Kosovar Oda”dissolved in 1998. Its name means “love” in Arabic and did not stop until she fought for her dream of being a singer.

To celebrate his 27th birthday he listens five themes through the National Radio archive.

“New rules”, the premiere theme

For anyone, the first song we know Dua Lipa for is “New Rules.” This song, which has received positive reviews of the music industry, it ended up being labeled as an anthem of rupture and empowerment. Became number 1 in several countries such as the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Israel and Spain, among others. In addition to entering the Billboard Hot 100 American.

Retromanía – “New rules” by Dua Lipa – Listen Now

In the video clip, Dua Lipa is in a hotel room with her friends who prevent her from returning to her ex-boyfriend where gives us three basic rules what to do after a breakup

“One, don’t pick up the phone, you know he’s only calling, because he’s drunk and alone. Two, don’t let him, you’ll have to kick him out again. Three, don’t be his friend, you know you’re going to wake up in his bed in the morning and if you’re under him, you ain’t getting over him.”

“One Kiss” with Calvin Harris

“One kiss” with DJ Calvin Harris came into our lives in April 2018. As happened with the previous one, shortly after it was released it reached the UK number 1 and it was also one of the songs that lasted the longest at the top of the lists.

In Youtubethe video has over 800 million views and was nominated for an MTV Video Music Awards. It has a tropical touch and in it Lipa is seen in a kind of tropical paradise where tapes appear that change throughout the video.

“Don’t star now” from their second album

We know that the London composer likes to talk about breakups and heartbreaks. With “Don’t star now”song added on their second album Future Nostalgiait shows us a message in which it says goodbye to an old relationshipwhich is not for nothing less.

One of the artist’s fans heard the song exclusively on The Radio 1 Breakfast Show before its release. As soon as it came out, it remained at the top of the charts in countries like Croatia, Ecuador, Israel and Ireland also being number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100, thus becoming the Lipa’s first entry into the top five.

With Miley Cyrus, “Prisoner”

One of the best collaborations of the artist. “Prisoner” It left any fan of both London and Miley Cyrus shocked. It is a song of dance punk, dance rock and glam rock where the melody is mixed with the classic “Physical” by our beloved Olivia Newton-John in the chorus.

The video clip is very explosive. both become Rock stars unnamed and are seen driving a tour bus together, where they then cheer and party in the back like a band from the ’80s.

His duet with Elton John

At the beginning of August 2021, there was a rumor of a collaboration between Elton John and Dua Lipa. Already in the middle of the month they began to hype the matter by promoting some animated versions of them dancing to a disco tune on their social networks along with the hashtags #coldheartthe name of the theme.

“cold heart” mixes typical songs of the London artist like “rocketman”, “Sacrifice”, “Kiss the bride” and an album track Where’s the Shoorah? from the 1976 movie, blue moves. After “Ghetto gospel”this was John’s first song to return to number 1, as well as being on the musician with the most top 10 hits on the UK charts for six consecutive decades.

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5 Dua Lipa songs to celebrate the artist’s 27 years