5 things April 5: Images of the Bucha atrocities shock the world

The triumph of two pro-Putin leaders in Europe reminds the Kremlin that it has friends. China recruits the Army while Shanghai orders massive covid-19 tests. This is what you need to know to start the day. truth first.


ANALYSIS | The images of civilian bodies lying in the streets of Bucha, in Ukraine, shock the world

“This is genocide.” This is how the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, described the terrifying images of at least 20 dead bodies of civilians lying in the streets of Bucha, after the withdrawal of Russian forces. A senior UN official said an “independent investigation” into civilians killed is “essential” to ensure “effective accountability”. This found a CNN crew in the area.


ANALYSIS | Pro-Putin leaders win two elections in Europe and remind the Kremlin that it has friends

After weeks unable to divide Europe over his war in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin enjoyed two small diplomatic victories this weekend. In both Hungary and Serbia, openly pro-Russian parties comfortably won legislative elections, giving Putin a welcome reminder that, despite the international community’s strong and largely united response against the invasion, he has some friends in the West.


China recruits the Army as Shanghai orders massive covid-19 tests

The Communist Party of China announced the deployment of thousands of military personnel in the financial center of Shanghai, closed to help in the mandatory covid-19 evaluation of the 25 million inhabitants. This is how China tries to reach its goal of covid zero in this city that is dealing with a record number of daily cases.

Total lockdown in Shanghai to curb covid infections 2:02


JPMorgan CEO warns of slowing economy

JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon is concerned about powerful shock waves to the economy caused by the combination of high inflation and Russia’s war in Ukraine. This warned one of the most influential business leaders in the world to shareholders about the threat that the armed conflict poses to economic recovery started less than two years ago.


CDC lowers travel risk level for more than 20 destinations

For the second week in a row, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) did not add a single new destination to its Level 4 Highest Risk category for travel. And, on the contrary, multiple destinations improved their rating, including Latin American countries such as Argentina. Check out the latest guide here.

at coffee time

Looking for a job can be exhausting. Follow these tips so you don’t get discouraged

Despite the huge turnover of workers in the United States and the millions of unfilled positions, finding a job is still a long and exhausting road. We present some tips to face this challenge without losing confidence.

Why does drinking coffee make you run to the bathroom? Experts explain

Drinking coffee stimulates bowel movements for some people, as well as giving them energy. Why? This is what the experts say.

New data on coffee consumption is fascinating, says this doctor 1:02

Will Smith’s slap in the face was brought up at the Grammys, naturally

A week after the famous slap at the Oscars, Will Smith was definitely on the minds of some Grammy attendees. This they said.

‘Saturday Night Live’ recreates Will Smith’s slap at the Oscars 1:30

Jon Batiste privately married Suleika Jaouad before her bone marrow transplant

Jaouad, author of the cancer memoir “Between Two Kingdoms,” said the event occurred just before she was scheduled to have a bone marrow transplant. He had been diagnosed with leukemia for the second time.

New York mob hitman Dominic Taddeo captured after escaping federal custody

Dominic Taddeo, a mob hitman from Rochester, New York, had escaped from federal custody last week after allegedly absconding from a halfway house. This Monday he was arrested in Miami.

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Elon Musk bought 9.2% of Twitter shares, making him the largest single shareholder in the company.

Elon Musk becomes Twitter’s largest single shareholder 1:04

quote of the day

“They treat people worse than animals”

Said the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, during his visit to the city of Bucha, after images of a mass grave and civilian bodies scattered in the streets after the departure of Russian troops from the area were known.

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Are the Sony LinkBuds better than the WF-1000XM4?

We put these two models of Sony hearing aids to compete and we tell you what each one offers.

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Dua Lipa and Megan Thee Stallion recreate Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston scene

At the Grammy Awards, Dua Lipa and Megan Thee Stallion They made a tribute to the iconic scene of Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston during the MTV Video Music Awards in 1998.

Dua Lipa and Megan Thee Stallion pay tribute to Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston 0:59

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5 things April 5: Images of the Bucha atrocities shock the world