Anitta: from perreo to Ayuso to his most scatological confessions

Fourth of November. It’s for the night. In the Wizink Center of Madrid are being held 40 Music Awards, one of the most prestigious music industry awards in our country. And the time comes Anitta. Before the more than 17,000 people who attended the venue, the 29-year-old Brazilian singer leaves behind a moment that surely many will not be able to forget: the crazy dog to the president Isabel Diaz Ayuso during his performance.

The twerking de Anitta did not leave anyone indifferent. The singer quickly became a Trending Topic on Twitter. Everyone who talked about the 40’s awards couldn’t leave out the performance of To wrap, the most viral theme of the Brazilian and the one that has brought her the greatest recognition to date. Ayuso’s face during the song was quite a picture, but more surreal was Anitta’s explanation days after the perreo.

The president of a Facebook community

The awards ended, but everyone was still talking about the viral dance to the president. Days later, Anitta was invited to The resistance Y broncano he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to ask her if she knew the magnitude of what had transpired during the awards gala. The explanation of the Brazilian could not be more absurd.

It turns out that Anitta arrived at the gala with little time and her publicist explained who Díaz Ayuso was. “She told me that she was a good vibe and very loved among the people,” she explained in La Resistencia. And, of course, she told him that it was nothing more and nothing less than the President of the Community of Madrid. And still Anitta dared to perreale?

What happens is that in Brazil (Anitta’s country of origin) the political organization is not the same as that of Spain. What we know here as autonomous communities in the carioca country are prefectures. And those who are in charge of governing them are the prefects. In this way, when Anitta heard “community president” he thought that her advertisement was referring to something else: he thought it was the president of a Facebook community in Madrid and that she was the one who managed it.

And, how could it be otherwise, Ayuso also spoke about what happened. In the television program directed by Ana Rose, the president of the Community of Madrid explained that she was caught by surprise and that the perreo was not expected at all. “I felt like Paco Martínez Soria, I didn’t know where to look and when I saw that I said, well, go ahead,” she explained with some embarrassment. “He passed and he’s done, he amused me and the party was wonderful,” added Ayuso.

A cologne for the intimate area and other top moments

Anitta’s participation in The resistance, how could it be otherwise, also gave rise to talk. And it is that if something personal we can highlight about Anitta is her sympathy and self-confidence to tell anecdotes and funny stories without any type of filter. The singer decided to give the presenter a gift and opted for the latest product that she has launched on the market: a perfume for intimate areas.

“It is not possible that this [el culo] Come to the end of the day smelling good. But if you put on the cologne…”, Anitta said in front of a poker-faced Broncano. The Brazilian explained carefully to the presenter how to use the perfume and how to apply it (always better if applied after a good shower). “You come home and your wife is going to smell your balls and suddenly you’re smelling good,” the singer joked.

@laresistencia_cero Remember, you have to shower anyway 😄 #the resistance #davidbroncano #anitta #anittamais ♬ original sound – The Resistance on M+

His time on the Broncano program has always made headlines. On her previous visit, Anitta put on the table one of her favorite topics of conversation: topics eschatological. “’Shit’ is my favorite word of all languages,” said the Brazilian. “I love talking about poop, I think that relaxes people.” Anitta has no shame and she told Broncano one of her most scatological anecdotes, which she happened to her on tour in a van: “I felt a liquid and I thought I had shit. she wore some jeans blue and all of a sudden it was stained brown,” she said with a laugh.

It seems that his passage through the late night set a precedent because days later Anitta was interviewed in the anthill. “One of the most important moments in your career was when you collaborated with Madonna and they told me that you got so nervous that the poop betrayed you a bit,” Motos asked. There it was: the scatological themes returned. “I really wanted to shit, I was in the bathroom for almost thirty minutes shitting, then I came out,” the Brazilian told him.

In both programs he also made reference to his passion for plastic surgery. “I love plastic surgery. I have had countless interventions. My face is like Frankenstein. It’s all a lie, ”he told Broncano. She herself has explained that she designed her own face, taking a photo of her face edited with Photoshop to the surgeon. “I took a photo, retouched it and took it to the doctor. I asked him to leave me like this, ”she said. Her speech about aesthetic operations is not as frivolous as it seems. “I don’t give a damn what they say about me. I wanted to take on my surgeries because I’m very concerned that the young audience that looks at my photos thinks: ‘Oh, I wasn’t lucky enough to be born like this. But it’s just that I wasn’t born that way either, love. (..) If you like it, fine, and if not, the problem is yours. I prefer to be true, but I don’t judge people who aren’t,” she said in an interview.

Anitta beyond iconic moments

But Anitta is so much more than her iconic, funny and wacky moments. The Brazilian singer has more than 63 million followers on Instagram and has collaborated with highly successful international artists. Among them are his colleagues J Balvin Y Malumaor the singers Cardi B., Rita prays and even Madonna.

In recent times it has topped the lists of all the platforms of streaming with songs like Downtown or his latest single, To wrap (yes, the one who dogged with Ayuso at the awards). In fact, Anitta became the first Latina woman in the world to reach number 1 on the Spotify world chart thanks to To wrap. With this theme he also took the prize to Best Latin Videos in the MTV Video Music Award (VMA).

Just a few days ago he received the award Best Latin in the MTV EMA Awards and on November 20 he will perform at the loves (where she is also nominated in the category Female Latin Artist). Netflix has aired the series go anittawhich tells how he rose from the favela community in Brazil to become an international star. Anitta’s career is unstoppable and her iconic moments are turning into a huge marketing campaign: Who hasn’t heard of the Brazilian in recent weeks?

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Anitta: from perreo to Ayuso to his most scatological confessions