Ariana Grande turns 29 loaded with iconic collaborations with other artists

Ariana Grande is celebrating his 29th birthday. Congratulations! Since December 2021, we have no news of new music from the artist, although the last song she released was a collaboration for the film don’t look up. Something that characterizes the singer has been just this, unions with other partners professional.

The artist has a list of iconic collaborations that have played on all the radios and houses of half the planet, positioning her as the renowned artist that she is, in addition to her solo songs. For this reason and to celebrate her 29th birthday, We review five of the best unions with other singers that he has:

Rain On Me feat. Lady Gaga

To start with this ranking, we talk about one of the artist’s latest collaborations and one of the most powerful. In 2020, she joined Lady Gaga To trow rain on mea single that is part of the album Chromatica of the latter. A theme written by both that talks about female empowerment and how to emerge stronger from adversity.

With a dance in the rain in a dystopian world, Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga made a hit, achieving 12 number ones around the world, gold and platinum records, and several awards, including three MTV Video Music Awards 2020 .

Side To Side feat. Nicki Minaj

It seems like a short time has passed since Ariana Grande got together with Nicki Minaj in side-to-side, but the truth is that you have to go back to 2016 to talk about this single. The song is part of the album Dangerous Woman of our birthday girl and one of the best of said job. The artist dared to use reggae sounds with pop to collaborate with the rapper on a song that talks about the pain that a couple feels after having relationships.

Surely you have the video clip in mind and it is that Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj put on their tights to enter a gym, where they sang the song while giving a spinning class. In addition, it was not the first time that both collaborated together, since they did it in bang bang with Jessie J.

Problem feat. Iggy Azalea

2014 is one of the years that we could mark as part of the golden age of Ariana Grande. She had been in the music industry for a while, but this was the moment when she stood out and her rise began. she premiered My Everythingtheir second album, which included one of their most famous collaborations, problem. In this case, she joined the rapper Iggy Azalea to create an R&B and pop theme that even had a saxophone.

problem It was a success on the sales charts, reaching number 1 in 40 countries, including the United States, where it was achieved in no more and no less than half an hour.

Love Me Harder feat. The Weeknd

Continuing in the wake of My EverythingAriana Grande collaborated with The Weeknd in another of the songs that make up that album, Love Me Harder. The artist was at the height of his career and, without a doubt, the union of the two was a perfect mix. The fusion of voices within an R&B theme, with a darker sound, was ideal to show much more adult lyrics, which dealt with sex as the main theme.

It is not the only collaboration between Ariana Grande and The Weeknd that has occurred over the years. The remix of Save Your Tearsone of the last successes of the Canadian, was made together with the singer who is celebrating her birthday today.

Don’t Call Me Angel feat. Miley Cyrus and Lana del Rey

To end this review of some of Ariana Grande’s best collaborations, we talk about Don’t Call Me Angel. The artist joined two other titans as they are Miley Cyrus and Lana del Rey in a song that was part of the soundtrack of the movie Charlie’s Angelsfrom 2019. A song in which the sounds of the three singers merge and which speaks of female empowerment.

Full of luxury and missions, they replaced Destiny’s Child, who were the soundtrack of the first film with Independent Woman Pt. 1.

Ariana Grande has great collaborations, several of which have been iconic to say the least. We’re really looking forward to one of the best pop artists of our current era releasing new music again and who knows if one more union will turn out to be a success. For now, we can only congratulate her on her career and for the 29 years she has just turned. Congratulations!

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Ariana Grande turns 29 loaded with iconic collaborations with other artists