11/26/2021 – 21:37 Pura Vida

Axel returns with a happy, motivating song that leads to enjoying the day to day and understanding that everything is “Just for today.”

“With this song I tried to convey something common to everyone. Something that we all go through at some point in our lives. Fear, uncertainty, not knowing what will happen tomorrow. Over time, I learned that accepting our weaknesses makes us stronger, that Every day we can relive our desire and our dreams, despite that fear. The desire to enjoy friends, family, to see each sunrise and sunset with joy. Knowing that today we are going to be fine. ¿ Tomorrow? Tomorrow will be another day. This is just for today, “said Axel about his brand new song, whose video already has hundreds of views on different platforms.

Recorded between Los Angeles and Buenos Aires under the direction of multiple award-winning producer Cheche Alara and Gia Sky, “Solo por hoy” will be part of the long-awaited next album by the Argentine artist, which will be released in 2022.

The video, made by Vrodas, has the stellar participation of the consecrated Argentine athlete and doctor Paula Pareto. “Having Paula in the clip is an honor and pride as a sports fan. That she can star with me in the video of ‘Solo por hoy’ is my humble contribution to honor her life and her legacy,” remarked the former jury of ” The Argentine Voice “.

Paula Pareto, who currently shines in Telefé’s gastronomic contest, “MasterChef Celebrity 3”, which arrives in Santiago del Estero through Channel 7, is an Argentine judoka and doctor; 2015 world champion, Olympic medalist (Bronze at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and Gold at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games); and also the first Argentine woman to become an Olympic champion and the first athlete to win two Olympic medals in individual disciplines.

In 2010, she was awarded a Platinum Konex award for the best outstanding athlete of the decade, so for many she is an example of improvement and effort. His story clearly shows that with dedication, discipline and sacrifice, dreams that seem impossible can be achieved, and that sometimes it is a matter of setting a daily “just for today” as a goal, to fulfill what is proposed.

In turn, Axel is one of the most recognized Argentine singer-songwriters in Latin America, with seven published albums and great hits, which position him as one of the most listened to and conveners of Spanish-speaking artists: millions of listeners on digital platforms and thousands of shows made in arenas, stadiums and theaters in Latin America and Europe.

The singer has multiple Gold and Platinum Records, Gardel Awards, including the Gardel de Oro, MTV Latin America Awards, Heat Latin Music Awards and a Kids Choice Awards that enhance his musical work, but he has also received recognition for his charitable work and environmentalist, including the María Elena Walsh Award, Outstanding Personality of the Culture of Buenos Aires and 1st Latin American Ambassador of National Geographic Partners, among others.

Axel will take his “Solo por hoy tour” to different places in Argentina, Latin America, the US and Spain.

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