Bad Bunny marks the centennial flow

MEXICO CITY.- Bad Bunny is a phenomenon of our times that is difficult to understand, especially for the generations prior to the centennial, that is, those born before the year 2000.

Many argue that she doesn’t sing, that her lyrics are sexist, and that she represents the degradation of music; but millions support him: he is the most streamed artist on all music platforms, according to the Global Digital Artist Ranking.

This year, his new album, “A summer without you”, obtained 183.2 million listeners on Spotify at its premiere, surpassing rapper Drake, who had conquered with 176.8 million; all 23 songs on his album reached the top 30.

What critics say about Bad Bunny

“It has to do with a generational connection, the lyrics sometimes seem macho and sometimes feminist, they tend to shock older generations,” explains ethnomusicologist Bruno Bartra.

The foregoing, assures the coordinator of the Sound Map of the National Music Library, creates a connection by having the “same sensibilities.”

“By stigmatizing the genre, it has contributed to giving it strength and turning it into a niche of identity for that sector that seeks to distance itself from previous generations,” he details.

Álvaro Gordoa, a specialist from the College of Public Image, agrees with that. «All these characters have something in common, if your parents hate him, the children will love him; The generations that lived through other eras find it so disruptive that they don’t understand it.

Although there is opposition to the musical quality of Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, the Puerto Rican’s real name, Bartra believes that this assessment does not take into account that Bunny as a product has a high level of production.

«There are sounds that could be thought to be underground, some collaborations he has with Bomba Estéreo, for example; that is to say, there is a sound that surrounds reggaeton, especially in this latest album, which can come from pop, some things from rock and electronics».

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Hispanics in the US support him

To this phenomenon is added the social, Bartra, also a sociologist, highlights migration, especially of Hispanics in the US, the most important market in the world, which has added to the evolution of reggaeton.

“As has happened with other rhythms, the American apparatus has caused, added to the Caribbean rhythms of this genre, that it is heard all over the world.”

The specialists agree on one more characteristic: that Bad Bunny has become a phenomenon due to the eclectic nature of his proposal, which is usually liked by people of different social classes.

“It is heard in the middle, lower, and upper classes, from the most exclusive parties in Los Angeles to those in the popular neighborhood, from San Juan to the Bronx,” says Bartra; Gordoa adds: “We could compare him to The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Madonna or Nirvana, icons of music and fashion.”

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Bad Bunny marks the centennial flow