Bad Bunny’s white sneakers on his World’s Hottest Tour are the favorites of fitness gurus

There is no one more blind than the one who does not want to recognize that bad bunny he is THE artist of our eraWhether or not this is your fan. All single that he launches under his baton becomes the anthem of the night throughout the globe, he breaks records with each album he releases – his latest album, a summer without youbecame this past June the most listened to in the entire history of Spotify- and each concert it officiates, regardless of its venue, sells out tickets in less than a second. The power of the Bad Rabbit is unstoppable… also for the most skeptical.

And in this tour of Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, a name that hides behind bad bunnyas a new referent of reggaeton in charge of continuing the legacy of two-thousand-year glories of the genre like Daddy Yankee and Don Omar, the Puerto Rican is also successfully fulfilling another mission outside the song industry: become the new benchmark of style who to follow, study and imitate with an aesthetic philosophy that frequently goes beyond the restrictive confines of the genre, as the campaign demonstrates Le Splash by Jacquemus, where we see the artist dressed in a pale pink minidress with cut outs and heeled mules; her look signed by Burberry for the MET Gala 2022, which represented a union of codes extracted from both male and female clothing typical of the Golden Age in her native country; and his pleated skirt -also from Burberry- for the 2022 Grammy Awards. At other times, a double-breasted satin suit for men signed by Gucci, like the one he wore for his performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, is more than enough for fill the top spot on the pertinent best-dressed list of the said event. In a way, the Latino has amply demonstrated that the reggaeton uniform is far from the past version of it, practically identical to the clothing of rap and hip hop artists.

Therefore, his tour World’s Hottest Tour is not only a tour of all his successes, both classic and recent, but also an opportunity to see Bad Bunny’s wardrobe come to life. However, several of the looks with which he is traveling around the world map have a common link: some white sneakers that those who know the most about fitness wear to succeed in every workout. Inside the tests.

Bad Bunny at the Made In America 2022 festival.

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Bad Bunny during his World’s Hottest Tour date in Atlanta.

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Bad Bunny during a concert in Orlando as part of his World’s Hottest Tour.

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And, of course, we also know what reference it is. Three tracks: signed by the most important German sports fashion brand in the world, the triband is one of its most explicit symbols and the artist has previously collaborated with it. Sure enough, this badge is adidas. The specific model? The Ultraboost, a pair launched in 2015 that shook the foundations of the performance shoe industry (albeit with a deserved presence outside the gym as well). Considering Bunny’s ‘bounces’ onstage, this choice makes perfect sense…

Adidas Ultraboost 5 DNA Shoes

Adidas Ultraboost 22 Shoes

And why are these sneakers so cheered in the world of fitness? Although the design all white minimalist of Bad Bunny’s is the perfect showcase, its ultimate secret is inside– In addition to Boost technology, which provides energy return that made a difference in the running shoe department, this reference also features Aramis, “a motion capture technology previously used by NASA to test the structural integrity of space shuttles that allowed the adidas innovation team to observe the stress and strain in different parts of the runner’s foot, down to the sub-micron level.”

Their upper made of Primeknit it is also a key to success, as it provides greater mobility and flexibility to carry out any movement – literally – without being tied down. And if, in addition, you choose a model dyed in neutral tones like Bad Bunny’s, you will find a very comfortable shoe according to all your daily looks. Who gives more? Exactly, nobody… because it is practically impossible.

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Bad Bunny’s white sneakers on his World’s Hottest Tour are the favorites of fitness gurus