Bad Gyal, Jorge Drexler and Molotov, among the first names of PortAmérica 2023

The festival PortAmerica It already has a first preview of the poster that will make up its next edition in 2023. After the announcement of the dates on which we will meet again at the Azucreira de Portas and the sale of its traditional Believers Subscriptions, the festival today launches a preview of great artists: bands and chefs, which we will enjoy on July 13, 14 and 15.

PortAmérica, which is used to uniting melodies and flavors from both sides of the Atlantic every year, returns for another year with an initial lineup that brings together the best from different corners of the world.

This year’s poster is headed by great international stars of the urban genre, such as the national icon, bad gyalwinner of the MTV award for Best Spanish artist of 2022, or the rapper Basic Nanpa, currently considered the highest representative of Colombian rap. It is also worth noting the presence of the Argentine ragpicker Ysy Acreator of “El Quinto Escalón”, the most important Spanish-speaking freestyle competition and the talent factory that gave rise to artists such as Duki, Trueno, Paulo Londra and Wos.

Within the international scene, some of the most influential Latin American singer-songwriters in the world stand out. It is the case of Gustavo Santaolalla, considered one of the most important Argentine musicians and producers in history and winner of two Oscars, 18 Grammys, 2 Baftas, 1 Golden Globe. Two of the great winners will also be present at the 2022 Latin Grammys: Jorge DrexlerUruguayan composer awarded with 7 statuettes and Silvana EstradaMexican singer-songwriter who won the new artist of the year award at just 25 years old.

The renewed Argentine rock of the Chinese Bandalos and the irreverent lyrics of the consolidated Mexican band Molotov will also have their place within the most international section of the festival, where the groups will also be Knowing Russia, Orkesta Mendoza Y Son Rompe Pear.

As it could not be otherwise, PortAmérica continues to remain faithful to its indie-pop essence and brings together iconic bands such as Fashion and artists who represent the new wave of Spanish pop, such as Pole. Y Funzo & Baby Loudwhose collaboration with Hens on the song ‘Batmóvil’ Remix slipped into the TOP 50 of Spotify Spain.

The singer Dani Fernandezrecognized with the Ondas 2022 Award and the band Sexy Zebras, winners of the IMAS award for “Best Spanish band in Mexico” will be other of the great protagonists of the festival. Without forgetting the presence of secondwho will offer a farewell concert after announcing their separation after 25 years of triumphing on the national indie rock scene.

The most emerging artists of the stature of the Murcian singer-songwriter will complete the poster I bitethe band from Jerez walloon arrow and the canarian singer Marilia Monzon, as well as big names in the Galician music scene. It is the case of the fireproof carlangasthe breaker big love and two DJs that will make the whole festival dance: Galician Army Y the pixie.

Of course, among these first confirmations there is also a preview of the chefs who will delight us with their skewers at the ShowRocking. The ShowRocking is the gastronomic area of ​​the festival, where every year music and cuisine come together so that the public can taste its tasty pinchos and be moved by its special surprise performances. As in past editions, Pepe Solla (Casa Solla, Poio) will be the curator of the chefs of this edition, of which we already know Begoña Rodrigo (La Salita, Valencia), Catalina Vélez (Domingo de Vereda, Cali, Colombia), Edgar Núñez (SUD777, Mexico City, Mexico), Maca de Castro (Maca de Castro, Alcúdia), Vicky Sevilla (Arrels, Sagunto), Diego Novas (El Olivo, Vigo), Tomás Bermúdez (La Docena, Guadalajara , Mexico), Fabián Delgado (palReal, Guadalajara, Mexico), Javi Olleros (Culler de Pau, O Grove), Andoni Luis Aduriz (Mugaritz, Erreteria), Lydia del Olmo and Xosé Magalhaes (Ceibe, Ourense) and Héctor López (Restaurant Spain, Lugo); and more to be confirmed…

The ShowRocking In its last edition, it had 38 multi-award-winning chefs who, as every year, made the public enjoy unique gourmet skewers created especially for the festival and, in addition, a new pastry section was incorporated that put the icing on the cake to the tenth anniversary of the festival. The ShowRocking is already today the largest ephemeral restaurant in the world, where more than 20,000 tapas are served every year.

Tickets for the next edition of PortAmérica are already on sale and are currently in their second subscription offer for a price of €65 plus management fees. The price will change as the sections run out. As a novelty, this year it will be possible to get tickets for the festival using the Youth Cultural Bonus.

In its 2022 edition, the PortAmérica festival brought together 28,000 attendees, which meant 100% hotel occupancy in the region, in addition to generating an estimated economic impact of 5 million euros, making it one of the most important cultural events in the region. summer time in Galicia.

Remember that you can consult the complete poster, the festival’s video channel and buy your ticket on the page of the PortAmerica 2023 by FanMusicFest.

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Bad Gyal, Jorge Drexler and Molotov, among the first names of PortAmérica 2023