Bad Gyal, Quevedo and the golden miniskirt of their video together, ‘Real G’

bad gyal is the golden girl who breaks corduroy in the video of ‘Real G’the collaboration that he launched at the beginning of the month with Quevedo. Two of the greatest ambassadors of urban music, with Rosalía’s permission, have come together to pay tribute to the ‘real G’, a term used in the ‘hiphopa’ community to define people who are faithful to their style. Precisely, that is what the diva from Maresme has plenty of, who has just received the MTV award for the best Spanish artist and that it will be one of the queens of the poster of the Primavera Sound 2023. No one perreas like her with hers ‘looks’ of hers two thousand of hers that have made her an icon of the ratcheting fashionshort clothes and ostentatious accessories.

And that’s how she wiggles in her latest video on stage -blonde hair, stiletto sandals, laced top and a dazzling matching skirt of just 30 centimeters-, while the interpreter of the ‘hit’ of the summer, ‘stay‘, hits the chorus hard (“She always moves sexy (Sexy) / She makes me rise from here (From here)”).

“I designed that mini a couple of years ago for a career job,” he recalls. Javier Guijarrojust graduated on the Superior School of Design of Barcelona and that at the end of November he received the first prize from the center attached to the Ramon Llull University with his final collection of studies. “After four years in the degree, I finally wanted to start touching the world of work a bit,” says this 22-year-old from Barcelona who could not start his career in a better way: award and collaborating with the team of stylists of the video from the artists of the moment.

“The only option we young student designers have to show our work is through the networks. I ended up turning my personal account into instagram, where I uploaded photos of myself, in the account where I started to show my work. The race didn’t leave me much free time,” she recalls.

In third year it was time to do a project with leather. And from there arose a set of a top and a mini in gold that Guijarro also uploaded to his account. “This is how the network of artists, designers and stylists in Barcelona see your work and get to know you. People who just years later happen to be in the Bad Gyal stylists team. They noticed and remembered my design and they called me to see if I could leave it for this video”, explains Guijarro.

Tinkering in the mini

That’s how it was, and they also asked the young couturier for permission to make some tweaks to the skirt, so that it would better adapt to the silhouette and style of the artist born in Vilasar de Mar, in 1997, who does not make dancehall music, nor trap, nor reggaeton, nor R&B, but rather everything at once. “I’ve been a super fan of her since its inception, since she released ‘Pai’ in 2016that Catalan version of Rihanna’s ‘Work’ with which it went viral on YouTube”, recalls Guijarro, who admits that his crush on Quevedo “has been this summer, like almost everyone else”, thanks to the hymn of ‘Bizarrap Music Sessions vol 52’.

“They decided that it fit a lot with the aesthetic they were looking for for the video with Quevedo this 2022″, he says. “What I get from this is that a profile as big as Alba’s [Alba Farelo es el verdadero nombre de la cantante] it echoes your work, exposes you and advertises you,” he says. “It’s my biggest collaboration so far in fashion,” he says. Although I have also been asked for other works for lesser-known magazines or artists, such as Hadrenan emerging musician from Barcelona’s ‘underground’ scene, an artist who makes very good experimental techno”, explains the designer.

“When they did the ‘fitting’ [las pruebas de vestuario] They asked me if they could transform it a bit, and I gave them the green light because it could also be reversed later. I also wanted to see what they did with the garment, and well, they just changed the opening a little bit,” she says.

The best designs

Guijarro is working and finalizing his portfolio with this skirt and other of her designs that have received the most applause. Like the flared denim trousers that he wears himself in one of his profile photos. “It was my first success,” admits the young man who, although he has designed for women, says that he really wants to design clothes for men: “I want to renew the classic silhouettes of shirts and pants.”

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Its referents are Christopher Balenciaga and teachers who succeeded in the 90s, such as Jean-Paul Gaultier and Thierry Mugler. Of the figures that he admires today, he says that he stays with Jonathan Anderson [el genio que ha reinventado Loewe], Glenn Martens, from Diesel; and the national scene, does not hesitate to praise Palomo Spain.

His intention is to go to Paris at the beginning of the year, present his work there and finish training as a designer by taking a master’s degree at the famous French Institute of Fashion. He would be delighted, he confesses, to return later and triumph with his designs in fashion shows like the ones in the 080, the fashion catwalk of your city.

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Bad Gyal, Quevedo and the golden miniskirt of their video together, ‘Real G’