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The princess of pop is celebrating her 41st birthday and we have to celebrate it. We review the life and work of Britney Spears with a gif with as many gifs as he is old:

First steps

From her earliest childhood, Britney’s mother prepared her thoroughly for stardom: dance classes, gymnastics, and singing. After some school acting, some minor TV intervention and a couple of auditions, she got to be part of the sketch show The All New Mickey Mouse Club (1993-1994), where he met…

1. her dearest friend/rival Christina Aguilera.


2. And her future boyfriend Justin Timberlake.

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After four years of maturing and searching for a producer who trusted his talent, he made his debut in 1998. With only two albums, she managed to get the industry to focus all its eyes on her. She taught us that:

3. Dressed as a lolita in…Baby One More Time (1998) -and with only 16 years old- you can be number 1.


4. Sheathed in a red jumpsuit in Oops!…I Did It Again (2000) you can succeed again.


5. The role of celebrities devastated by the fame of her video lucky (2000).


6. You couldn’t be cuter in a cameo in the series Family doctor (1999).


From lolita to woman

His next two studio albums, britney (2001) and in the zone (2003), reflected his physical and musical maturity. It was a glorious time of consolidation in which:

7. He put us dogs in I’m a Slave 4 U (2001).


8. We wanted to hang a snake as a basic accessory and spin (2001 MTV Video Music Awards).


9. He showed us that acting was not his thing in crossroads (2002)…


10. …but what about touring –like ‘Dream Within a Dream Tour’ 2002– was divine.


11. She made it clear that if she didn’t want Timberlake, it would have to be us someday.


12.Toxic (2003) would be one of his best videos, for moments like this…


13. …or like this one.


14. He made see that the queen Madonna already had a successor to the throne (MTV Music Awards 2003).


Confusion and dark years

Emotional instability, sales failure, pressure, scandals, erratic behavior, rumors of drug addiction… It seemed that Britney didn’t know who she was or what she wanted to do, and it was reflected in her career, which suffered a period of recession. She felt alienated from her fans and it seemed like she would never come back with the energy she had before.

15. In 2007 Britney turned her shaved head into a symbol of her personal and professional losing streak.


return to the circus

Still in the process of overcoming her many problems, Britney gathered her strength to release her fifth studio album. Blackout convinced. Critics defined her electropop as “elegant, brilliant and addictive”. With renewed strength, he presented circus in late 2008. It was clear, Spears was back to stay.

At this stage he showed us:

16. Being a bit b**ch feels really good (Gimme more – 2007).


17. That it doesn’t matter if you dance badly, stumble or not hit the ball if you’re Britney (VMA – 2007).


18. That she takes the upper hand (womanizer – 2008).


19. That when things are better it is easier to step on a stage hard (Bambi Awards – 2008)…


20. …be relaxed and break the box…


21. …tell us about his life in verse in Britney: For the Record (2008)…


22. …or act worthily.


Just great in her role as the receptionist Abby in how I Met Your Mother (2008).


Britney began the new decade totally reinserted in music. In 2011 she gave away Femme Fatale to his fans and convinced critics. In addition, she was the fifth artist with the most followers on Twitter. The Britney brand was once again synonymous with success and the diva could afford to do practically whatever she wanted:

23. Advertise televisions, makeup, perfumes… in their videos (Hold It Against Me – 2011).


24. Being awarded, multi-awarded and picking up the awards or not.


25. Being a member of the jury of the 2nd season of the The X Factor American (2012) and give us their best faces…


26. …their worst faces…


27. …and their masks.


28. Steal all the limelight from the rapper on the subject Scream & Shout (2012).



Though Britney Jean (2013), his last studio album, has had a rather irregular acceptance and success, he has continued to give a lot of war:

29. He smurfed with his children on the soundtrack of The Smurfs 2 (2013).


30. He hit us at the club with his house hit Work B**ch.


31. It took months to release his second single, Fragrance (2013).


32. He established his residence in Las Vegas with his show ‘Britney: Piece of Me’.


33. On July 14, 2016, Spears surprised with make mefirst theme of gloryhis ninth studio album. glory was officially presented at the MTV Video Music Awards 2016the same awards in which nine years earlier his controversial and battered performance of Gimme More. A comeback in style.

giphy 35

34. The second single from glory would arrive in November 2016. In Slumber Partywhose video clip was directed by Colin Tilley, is coated with tinashe in mischief and licks the model’s cum (who would later be her boyfriend) sam asghari.

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35. It premieres, ‘Britney Ever After’ the film about the life and career of singer Britney –starring Natasha Bassett and directed by Leslie Libman–.rs 480x270 170218175144 500 britney ever after 021817

In 2017 he announced that he is already preparing his next album in Las Vegas Blog. “I’m not sure how I want the next album to sound. I’m so excited to be back in the studio, and I’m actually back on record already.”

36. In 2018 the singer received the award GLAAD Vanguard for his support and respect for the LGBT community. In his speech, The interpreter recalled a message of acceptance and tolerance, wishing everyone the right to be and express themselves as they want.

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37. Definitely the artist will not be able to remember 2019 as a good year. In addition to her professional sterility, her constant ups and downs in health and emotional life have been added. Of course, she on her Instagram has given us some of the best publications ever.

1670420752 351 Britney Spears 41 years in 41 gifs Shanghai

38. As for so many, for Britney the 2020 pandemic was also a year of lockdown personal and professional. She cemented herself as the backfire princess on Instagram, even at the risk of losing her throne in the industry. This musical rebellion may have had to do with the fact that, after losing her lawsuit, her father remained her legal guardian. So the artist swore not to get on stage again until her parent ceased to be the ‘owner’ of her assets.

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39. After a very long judicial process, which had the support of the powerful social movement #FreeBritney, the artist managed to put an end to the tutelage of terror that she had subjected to her father professionally and personally. The superstar finally managed to become independent from her parent and settle the untenable situation to which she had been subjected since 2008. We couldn’t be happier!

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40. 2022 will be remembered as Britney’s first year of freedom after escaping the legal gag with which her father subjected her for 13 long years. The artist returned to take the reins of her life by traveling and making decisions that, finally, managed to strengthen her figure as the icon of music that she is. Among many things she brought out the great song Hold Me Closer with Elton John and married Sam Asghari, starring in the most incredible wedding in memory in the universe of pop divas, with Paris Hilton, Selena Gomez, Drew Barrimore, Donatella Versace and Madonna as exceptional guests.

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41. Congratulations Brit!




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