BTS at the “Fact Music Awards”: An awards ceremony to celebrate K-Pop

What are the “Fact Music Awards”?

First delivered in April 2019, the “Fact Music Awards” are an award ceremony to celebrate K-Pop and the Korean Wave, which began in the 90s and then spread throughout the world through East and Southeast Asia.

What was the presence of BTS there?

It is celebrated and organized in collaboration with prayer from “The Fact” and “Fan N Star”.
The group BTS or the “Bangtan Boys“, is one of the most popular, if not the most popular from South Korea, who was also present at the Fact Music Awards.

Bhagva Aggarwal writes for “India Today”, with the following account of the events that took place at the festival.

The one act (as expected) that has everyone excited is BTS’s presence at the show (seen above), this is the first time the group has performed together having announced more individual projects since June 2019. 2022.

RM, Suga, Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, Jungkook and V were the members who skipped the red carpet welcome they were to receive due to their schedules.

He reported that they had a strong performance, with songs like Yet To Come and For Youth.

Band member Jin, accepting the award of choice, thanked his fans for the amount of love they gave him. From his demeanor, it seemed like he was quite in high spirits.

Among the awards BTS won are:

  • FANNSTAR Global Award
  • Artist of the Year Award
  • Most Voted Artist

RM said that he wanted to feel the audience, touch them and play with them.
Thanking them for their love and expressing their desire not to disappoint them. And his thanks to ARMY, the Adorable MC Youth Representative


BTS, or “Bangtan boys” (Bulletproof Boy Scouts) are a boy band of k pop which was formed in 2010.

They achieved international recognition in late 2010. Their most popular songs, judging by how quickly they gained millions of views, were:

  1. Boy With Luv (2019)
  2. Dynamite (2020)
  3. Butter (2021)

The casting process required a multifaceted cast of characters. RM, for example, was an underground rapper.

Their first international award, which seemed to cement their reputation as reliable and bankable musicians, was when they were awarded the Billboard Music Award in 2017.

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Popular western artists like Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber were beaten by them.

And her 2017 album “Love Yourself: Her” debuted at No. 7 on the Billboard 200, the first K-Pop album to do so.

And in 2019, they became the first Korean musical group to appear on the classic American comedy variety show, Saturday Night Live.

Not only this, but their work has also helped charities and other philanthropic organizations, most notably UNICEF, with a video for “Permission to Dance,” in an event known as “Love Myself.”

This is a meteoric rise for a group of seven members, who for the first 7 years of their existence remained in relative obscurity in the world outside of South Korea (at least for non-K-Pop fans).

They were also the first Korean group to perform at the Grammys, when they performed “Old Town Road” with “Lil Nas X.”

His true meteoric rise could be said to have started with his song “Dynamite (2020),” which became the most viewed song on YouTube upon its release in just 24 hours.
Due to their newfound worldwide fame, they have changed their name to Beyond The Scene for their English audience.

The objective of his band is for those young people who are not satisfied with what is, but who want to branch out to grow and open doors (for themselves).

They are also something of a national sensation, doing dubbing work, acting in movies and TV series, etc.

Its main ascent has been thanks to social networks. When millions of fans clamor for you, opportunities reveal themselves.

These fans got some much-needed excitement when they scooped Best Pop, Best K-Pop, Best Group, and Best Choreography at the 2020 MTV Awards.

If their millions of fans can take them this far, who knows where they’ll go? Probably much further, than we have ever seen.

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BTS at the “Fact Music Awards”: An awards ceremony to celebrate K-Pop