Camila Cabello or how to make criticism about your body in a bikini not matter to you

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    Camila Hair She is one of the great artists of our generation. At 25 years old, not only has she consolidated her career after leaving the group that gave her worldwide visibility, Fifth Harmony, but her constant work has led to a journey she can be proud of and her talent has been recognized with multiple awards: among others, has a Billboard Music Award, a Billboard Women in Music, seven Teen Choice Awards, three iHeartRadio Music Video Awards, five MTV Europe Music Awards, two MTV Video Music Awards and two Latin Grammys. It is said soon, huh. The singer and actress has shown – without having to – that she knows how to reinvent herself, that her work ‘plot twists’ have a reason for being and that, well, she is a born ‘curranta’ and a benchmark in the industry for many women, especially all racialized, of the world.

    However, despite the fact that all this ‘background’ precedes her, Camila, like other media women –like Tyra Banks in the 90s, Kelly Clarkson in the 2000s or her contemporaries Lizzo, Adele, Katy Perry…– They deal with a parallel discourse that takes on more relevance than their achievements, which is related to the appearance of their body, and even more so when they experience changes and these are appreciated when wearing a bikini in summer. We are not here to explain how the canon of beauty established in a system that oppresses women is more cruel to artists (due to the visibility they have and, for a decade, with the appearance and rise of social networks), but to highlight the attitude of Camila Hair.

    His way of dealing with the criticism of a society educated under the umbrella that extols ‘the bikini operation’ can help many other girls and women who have the aforementioned ‘canon’ internalized, and who associate comments such as “how thin you are!” with compliments or take valid speeches that applaud that “Kylie Jenner has ‘recovered’ her body after giving birth in ‘record time'”, as if after childbirth that were one of the woman’s goals, to return to a ” flat stomach”. Yes, in all this collective imagination there is a double standard: Despite the fact that diversity is finally celebrated and feminism is deconstructing these narratives, there are times when the subconscious self-boycotts you and follows certain patterns that lead you to generate interest that “Camila Cabello has gained weight” or that you too happy because a colleague whom you haven’t seen for a long time tells you that you are thinner. Has it happened to you? Me! But the interesting thing is to be clear that that way of understanding our bodies starts from an education and some stimuli that we should ‘unlearn’. In the contemporary age, physical appearance (and more so, that of women) continues to be unfairly the subject of debate, and perhaps it is time to do like Camila Cabello: play down what people think, that your “bikini operation” (what an ill-advised concept) is to put on your bikini and always celebrate that precisely your body is what allows you to interact with your environment and, in short, live, which is not little.

    It is clear that these are simply words that are issued in a social structure (in constant change) in which we participate, but Camila’s example can help many girls and women who suffer frustration with their bodies and in relation to not fitting in with a canon that all it does is oppress us, don’t you think? It’s practically summer, do you join Camila Cabello in passing all levels?

    I hope you buy the bikinazos that freak you out the most (list here the 15 bikinis and swimsuits that will be a trend in summer 2022) and that you enjoy them in the plans and vacations you deserve.

    Thank you, Camila, for inspiring us.

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Camila Cabello or how to make criticism about your body in a bikini not matter to you