Chayanne: music, acting, “sex symbol” and a legacy of four decades

Chayanne announced last Wednesday in Miami the release of his first album after an eight-year hiatus

Many do not know it, but his real name is Elmer Figueroa Arce and the one who gave him his stage name was his mother, passionate about American novels. “chayenne” from the 1950s. From a very young age, it was known in his family that Chayanne had an innate talent for music, and since 1978, when he was only 10 years old, he began to audition to be part of a youth group.

Thus began his career, hand in hand with Boys, that were very popular at the end of the 70’s and managed to record 5 albums, perform in several concerts and be recognized in Central America, Mexico and Puerto Rico. Having had the opportunity to participate in this project at such a young age was an enriching experience for Chayanne; however, after a while, he decided to part ways and continue as a solo artist.

“Chayanne is my name”

By the 1980s, Chayanne began another stage of his career, and although he was still a teenager, life led him to meet Puerto Rican businessman Gustavo Sánchez, who, impressed by his talent, took him to Mexico to record some songs. Their friendship lasted, and that is how Sánchez became the artist’s manager for a decade.

It was not until 1984 that those recordings bore fruit, and Chayanne finally released his first album entitled “Chayanne is my name”, which included songs such as “De dos en dos”, “A new game” and “Loco”, which gained great popularity on the radio. The success was not momentous enough; however, two years later he released “Sangre latina”, his second album under the RCA Ariola label, and a year later, in 1987, he had the opportunity to sign with CBS Records, a change that would boost his career without return.

Thanks to the great success that Chayanne had in his early years and the signing with CBS (Sony Music), his projections became bigger and bigger and he released “Chayanne 87″, which catapulted the artist to fame in Latin America with songs like “Party in America”, a song that marked his style and his particular way of dancing. The same thing happened with the continuation of this work entitled “Chayanne II”, which led the singer to win the first MTV award for the video of his song “This rhythm is danced like this”.

A daring and mature image

Already far from being a child, the figure of Chayanne began to change radically, as did some of his musical proposals. After successful ballads such as “Tiempo de vals” or “Daria Anything”, in 1992 he released his album “provoke me”, that hinted at the new stage he was living. Sensual, daring and matureChayanne captivated millions of women with his beard, his long hair and his way of dressing, thus becoming one of the most desired men in the entire continent.

After several albums and successes, the time has come for the internationalization of his career with the album “Tied to your love”, which premiered in 1998 and broke borders, being a success in Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain. The artist’s recognition was already almost worldwide, and among so much music, Chayanne also became interested in acting. The telenovela “Provócame” was one of those productions that made many “drool their drool” over him.

From music to acting

“Provoke me”, “You are my life”, “Gabriel” and “The only ones” They were some of the productions in which the singer worked, and although at first he did not feel ready to act, everything flowed. “I can say that I love acting and I don’t rule out doing something new in the future. Acting is a facet in which I developed less because music was and continues to be my priority, ”Chayanne revealed in an interview with La Voz.

“I have been inclined to record, rotate and think about the settings, another very nice aspect in this whole matter. Without the music, I would have been able to do more castings, or capitalize on the punch of the film I did in Los Angeles (dance with me, the film in which he starred alongside Vanesa Williams, in which he played a Cuban dancer). It so happened that immediately after the film I went on tour in the midst of the rage of Dance, dance and Salome and lowered the effervescence around the performance. Then she came back for a soap opera I did in Mexico and for the one I did later here with Araceli González and Romina Yan, whom I miss very much,” the singer commented in the same interview.

the 2000

This decade was fundamental for Chayanne, because great albums such as “Sincero” emerged from there, which brought very successful singles in Latin America, as was the case with “Caprichosa”, “A century without you” and “Vaivén”. Added to this album “Forever”, “Captive” and “My time”, musical works that continued betting on the pop ballad, until their rhythm began to drop little by little.

Although he released several songs between 2011 and 2020, the last studio album he recorded was “I will be in everything”, published in 2014, and since then he had not announced any record work until now.

New album and a singing daughter

Chayanne announced last Wednesday in Miami the release of his first album after a break of eight years and revealed that his daughter isadora prepares to follow in his footsteps in music.

“We’re almost ready, I hope (the album) comes out in the first months of 2023,” said the singer, who will receive the “Icon” award this Thursday at the Latin Billboard award ceremony for his 44-year career.

“I started in this business when I was very young and thanks to my fans, their children and even their grandchildren, I am still going strong. All of this makes me feel very grateful,” said Chayanne, 54, during a panel at Billboard’s Latin Music Week.

Something that gives him a special “pleasure” is being able to be a “witness” of the evolution that Latin music has experienced. What excites him most at the moment is “the immense talent that young people have.” Among those young people is his daughter Isadora, 21, who is graduating this year with a Bachelor of Music from the University of Miami. “I’m desperate for her to graduate so we can work together,” he said proudly.

“I can’t wait for him to release the music he’s making,” Chayanne confessed. She explained that her “girl” composes, produces, arranges and sings. In addition, the young woman is in charge of her social networks. “She is the one who publishes my things,” she said.

Among the things that Isadora has uploaded to the social networks of Chayanne is the announcement of “Like you and me”, the second single from the new album by the Puerto Rican artist, which included the composition of the Venezuelan Servando Primera and the production of Motiff.

The song came out this Thursday and Chayanne will sing it on stage at the latin billboards, which were broadcast on Telemundo and Telemundo Internacional from Miami. It is a kind of romantic merengue, which Chayanne danced on the conference stage, unleashing the cries of the women present.

The artist confessed that he had been “nervous and anxious”, before his panel, because for him it is very important “do not disappoint, be up to the task”, what is expected of him. It is the same reason why he will not go on tour until the end of 2023, since it takes him a minimum of eight months of physical preparation and even more of design and logistical planning.

“Every time I arrive in any Spanish-speaking country, they receive me as if it were my home and that affection deserves my greatest dedication and my best,” he said.

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Chayanne: music, acting, “sex symbol” and a legacy of four decades