Chris Hemsworth: the photos you have never seen of his beginnings as an actor

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    The year 2010 was a key moment in the career of Chris Hemsworth, the actor had just moved to Los Angeles with the hope of putting his head in the big leagues of the film industry. However, after starring in the movie ‘Ca$h’, just a few weeks after setting foot on American soil, the chances dwindled to exactly zero.

    Chris constantly went to castings in which he was always rejected. After almost a full year of rejections, there came a time when the actor seriously considered leaving Hollywood and returning to his native Australia. But then the miracle happened: he was chosen to play Thor in the first film dedicated to the god / superhero, which also ensured him work for, as we now know, more than a decade.

    Now, over time, it seems to us that Hemsworth had always been destined to play that role, but the truth is that when the actor traveled to the United States, he had already been a small celebrity in his country for a few years.

    He began training as an actor in 2001, when he was only 18 years old, encouraged by his older brother, Luke, who was already studying acting in Melbourne. Both brothers stood out not only physically, although Chris still did not sport the statuesque body of today, but also for the passion they exhibited when it came to acting.

    It was this natural ability for interpretation that made Hemsworth, through his teacher, casting director Louise Talmadge, become a regular on some Australian television shows, such as the serials ‘Neighbours’ and ‘Marshall Law’. .

    But it wasn’t until 2004 when her big break came: the role of Kim Hyde in the series ‘Home and Away’, another series that has been on the air since 1988 and today accumulates nearly 8,000 episodes. Hemsworth appeared in it for 189 episodes, but finally asked to leave the series because, although it had given him enough fame in his country, he felt that the role was not helping him earn the professional respect he wanted. However, in 2005 he received an award for best revelation actor on Australian television.

    It is curious to see the Hemsworth of that time, so similar to the current one, with a look full of humor that is a trademark of the house, and at the same time so different. Here are some photos of Hemsworth before he was Thor that you’ve probably never seen.

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With his brother Luke, through whom he fully entered the world of acting, at an award ceremony in 2005.

Along with Isabel Lucas, the Australian actress he dated between 2005 and 2008.


extremely two-mile

Chris with a very period hairstyle during the delivery of the MTV Video Music Awards Australia in 2006.


dancing with the stars

During his participation in 2006 in the Australian edition of ‘Dancing with the stars’, a collaboration that almost cost him the role of Thor, because Marvel feared that it would make him not respected by the fans.

Chris seems to look at the camera with some irony during the opening of a bar in Sydney in 2006.

Although Hemsworth’s arm is nothing like its current size, some development can already be seen in this 2007 image.


First steps in Hollywood

At the Los Angeles premiere of ‘Star Trek,’ in which he played Captain Kirk’s father, George Kirk.

Along with Tom Hiddleston, during the presentation of ‘Thor’ in 2010.

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Chris Hemsworth: the photos you have never seen of his beginnings as an actor