Coldplay and the ‘Bad Rabbit’

This Owl wrote a couple of days ago that he follows youth trends. I am from another era, but I am no stranger to fashions, novelties, the new idols that our boys erect. I don’t believe in that cliché phrase that many use to belittle the new generations: ‘All past times were better’.

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I think you have to look at current trends with curiosity, with an open mind and without prejudice. That’s why I watch his series, read his books and listen to his music. I say all this because, a couple of days ago, the English group Coldplaywhich filled the National Stadium for two consecutive days, a venue that can easily hold 50,000 spectators.

His Peruvian fans even camped days before the show to be as close as possible to the stage. Many of them, youngsters accompanied by their parents. Thousands stood outside resigned to the music passing through the thick walls of the stadium. Others, more daring, climbed fences and sneaked into the show.

A show cataloged as the best in the world for its impressive state-of-the-art technology. They use intelligent light sets, gigantic LED screens, special effects and each attendee wears a bracelet with a chip that lights up to the rhythm of the songs. The show is friendly to the environment, that is, the emission of CO2 is avoided as much as possible.

That is why they ask for volunteers to pedal exercise bikes and generate electricity, they use a kinetic floor that produces electricity with the jumping of the fans. In addition, it is inclusive, because it has a sign language interpreter. All this makes the show a unique experience in the world, without overshadowing the musical quality of the English, who they are authors of real hits like ‘Yellow’, ‘The scientist’, ‘Paradise’, ‘Fix you’among others.

In their more than 20 years they have known how to renew themselves, refresh themselves, but without losing their essence, although some critics say that their entire discography sounds the same. His collaboration with the BTS, with the theme ‘My universe’, was a boom on all platforms, only on YouTube it has 231 million views. Another musical phenomenon, on the other shore, is that of Bad Bunny, the ‘Bad Rabbit’.

Beaten up by purists and conservatives, no one can deny that the Puerto Rican has set a milestone with his songs. Perhaps he is the most influential Latin American in the United States. He recently became the first non-English speaking singer to win ‘Best Artist of the Year’ at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards, an exclusive award for gringos.

There is no club or party where you don’t dance and sing your songs. Calling him a ‘transgressor’ is an understatement, his themes cross the line of what is morally correct. That is why it has received so much criticism and vetoes. Trap, the genre in which it operates, has been classified as the ‘sewer’ of music, although it is also the most listened to in applications such as Spotify.

Benito, the real name of ‘Bad Bunny’, is about to set foot in our country and the prices to see it are around 10 thousand soles, an exorbitant sum, but one that his most loyal fans are willing to pay. A second date was opened for his presentation due to the request of his public. Now it is understood why in his bank account he has more than 18 million dollars.

Far from trying to understand this phenomenon, many music ‘critics’ have dedicated themselves to stoning it, demonizing it and even banning it. They describe it as ‘garbage’, as ‘junk’ music, and perhaps that is what draws the attention of the new generations, characterized by going against the current, going against it, breaking the rules.

Knowing these lands, for whom we have already crossed the threshold of 50, only gives us a real panorama, without filters, of what our children, nephews or grandchildren consume. Knowing their codes brings us closer to them. I turn off the television.


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Coldplay and the ‘Bad Rabbit’