Daddy Yankee’s farewell and Paulo Londra’s return: before and after in urban music. The end of a reggaeton era? | “Legenddaddy” and “Lado A”, their new releases

By Erik Gomez

This week, reggaeton, the most successful Latin urban genre in recent years, was the protagonist of two news stories that revolutionized fans, specialists and exploded on social networks. First of the “king” and “big boss” Daddy Yankee surprised with the news of a new album that will be released on Thursday, March 24, along with the announcement of a farewell tour for retire from music after 32 years of career. And just 24 hours later, the Argentine representative of rhythm, Paul Londonconfirmed the release of his new single“Plan A”, after almost three years on hiatus due to legal problems that interrupted his career.

There is no doubt that the shock of these events brings nostalgia and sadness to the environment, but also joy and expectations for what both artists are going to offer for the rest of the year. Daddy Yankee and Paulo Londra have made fans dance around the world and in Argentina at shows, clubs and festivals. The hits of both were reproduced millions of times on a planetary level.

With the farewell of the 45-year-old Puerto Rican and the second round for the young Londra (23) – with whom he will try to recover part of the absent time – trap, rap, freestyle and reggaeton exploded. The questions are several. What is his legacy, what can we expect from these stars, and from an already established genre that is launching new performers onto the scene faster and faster? In dialogue with Page 12 analyze and respond Humphrey Inzilloeditor of Rolling Stone and sociologist and anthropologist Sebastian Munoz Tapia.

Daddy Yankee, the one who brought reggaeton to the world

Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez, 45, shared on Sunday afternoon a video titled “I finally see the goal”. What no fan of “Big Daddy” imagined was that it was going to be the confirmation of the beginning of the end of his career after 32 years on the scene.

“Today I am announcing my retirement from music, giving you my best production and my best concert tour. I will say goodbye celebrating these 32 years of experience with this new collector’s item, the album ‘Legendaddy’. I am going to give you all the styles that have defined me, in a single production, ”said the interpreter in the shared images.

Finally, the last album of the rapper (and the first in a decade) was released this Thursday March 24. Meanwhile, the tour called “The last turn” It will start on August 10 in Oregon, United States, and will arrive in Argentina on October 1.

There are no details about the reasons that led the artist to make this decision, but it is estimated that the King of Reggaeton will dedicate time to his family.

However, despite not having released any studio album in ten years, the renowned star released singles that became anthems and was part of successful collaborations with artists of the moment such as his compatriot Bad Bunny (“La Santa”, “Single”, “Come Back”), Luis Fonsi (“Slowly”), and Ozuna (“The Heartbreaker”), until Katy Perry (“Calmly”), Camila Hair (“Havana”) and Janet Jackson (“Made for now”).

Who is Daddy Yankee?

Ramon Luis Ayala Rodriguez was born on February 3, 1977, in the Puerto Rican capital of San Juan, but was raised in a vulnerable neighborhood called Río Piedras. The dreams of the young Ayala Rodríguez focused on becoming a professional in the Major League Baseball (MBL). However, those goals were interrupted when He was shot in one leg as a result of a stray bullet from a confrontation between gangs.

A neighbor saved him, he was taken to the hospital and had to be operated on to place a full metal prosthesis, which currently does not allow him to dance or move smoothly. Music, however, was the refuge of the now reggaeton legend: in the late 90s, he formed the duo “Los Cangris” with Nicky Jamreleased an album together (“El Cangri” in 2002), with good local repercussion, but it was not until 2004 that a historic moment would see the light.

That year Daddy Yankee released “Fine neighborhood”, his second solo work (after “No mercy” in 1995), whose main single was “Gasoline”. The song with the catchy chorus “She likes gasoline, give me more gasoline”, went viral in the middle of 2005: it was the most requested song on the radio around the worldwhich was reflected in sales and rankings.

But, above all things, it was the gateway that brought reggaeton to the mainstream and that, until now, set a precedent and influenced all artists known to date.

From the hit “Gasolina” to MTV and to infinity

With “Gasolina” on the tracklist, Yankee’s consecration album sold five million copies worldwide and earned nominations for the Latin Grammy, MTV Video Music Awards, American Music Awards and other prizes. Meanwhile, the magazine rolling stone placed the subject sensation of that time between the best 500 songs of all time neither more nor less than in position 50.

This successful kick was followed by other four solo studio albums (“El Cartel” (2007), “Talento de Barrio” (2008), “Mundial” (2010) and “Prestige” (2012)) that continued to position DY at the top of the charts, but above all, making dance millions of people around the world.

Paulo Londra’s new plan

Meanwhile, in our country the wait is over and we are finally listening to Paul London with a new sound after almost three years of legal disputes with his former producers and record company. The Cordovan, 23 years old He launched “Plan A” at 7:00 p.m. of this Wednesday.

The return of Londra, who revealed his talent in cockfighting (with a great presence in El Quinto Escalón, the rap competition founded and organized in Parque Rivadavia in the Caballito neighborhood) and who was on a par with other rappers of the moment like Duke, It is quite an expectation for his followers and for his colleagues who celebrated this return.

The “Lion” Londra released his first album “Homerun” in May 2019 and their latest single “Party” in September of that same year. Since then, she did not have the opportunity to publish any work due to the legal conflict he had with the independent label Big Ligas and its producer Ovy On The Drums (Daniel Oviedo).

Londra: her double after the endless legal battle

The interpreter and author of “Nena Maldición”, “Adan y Eva” and other hits, accused having been scammed by his team, when he learned that he granted, through a contract, all his musical rights, both in songs and voice, until 2025. Therefore, everything indicated that Londra was not going to release new hits until that year.

According to Londra, he signed a “cheated” contract. “They came with some photocopies, an expensive pen and told me that we were going to make a video to upload to the networks. So he made us turn our backs and asked me to sign some photocopies while they filmed us. After making the video they told me to look at the sheets and that tomorrow we were going to have a talk with the lawyers,” he said.

Finally, on November 10, 2021, Billboard magazine announced that the millionaire conflict between Cordoba and the record company had settled “friendly way” in a Miami court just three days after the trial began.

The most interesting and curious thing about this context, influenced by the “musical silence” of Londra, is that he was one of the most listened to artists of 2021 on the music streaming platform, Spotify. At the moment, is in the 497th position of the 500 performers with the most views on the platform, with 10.5 million per month.

From Daddy Yankee to Paulo Londra: Legacy and Rebirth

Between these two bombs for the urban genre, what remains, in addition to the singles, the albums and the memory, is the reflection on how both artists, at a global, regional and local level, changed the rules to compose music, become exponents and break reproduction records.

Sebastian Munoz TapiaDJ, sociologist and doctor in Anthropology from the University of San Martín, explained to Page 12 that “as of 2015, the rapthe trap and the freestyle they began to have relevance and recognition”, after being below national rock and cumbia for years. In this sense, Paulo Londra is part of that list of artists who led the genre to have local representation.

He also stated that “Daddy Yankee, reggaeton and the popularity of rhythm were that gateway for urban genres to proliferate”. The genre “was never that popular from 2015 onwards, he was always under rock and cumbia. But through new devices, internet access and computers, it began to become widely popular.” He added: “Freestyle began to be important and that happened when reggaeton began to become more popular and a confluence between reggaeton, freestyle and rap.”

In his academic work entitled “Between the niches and the massiveness. The

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Daddy Yankee’s farewell and Paulo Londra’s return: before and after in urban music. The end of a reggaeton era? | “Legenddaddy” and “Lado A”, their new releases