Diario Extra – 7 thousand shout for red heels in the National Stadium

C.With the presentation of “Dharma Tour”, the Colombian star Sebastián Yatra presented his great show last night in front of 7 thousand people, perhaps a little more, and captivated both locals and strangers on a December night, loaded with wind and very cold, together with a bit of “cat hair”.

It should not be forgotten that the coffee grower is preceded by great fame, even coming from winning several Latin Grammys in Las Vegas a few days ago.

A lot of young people and minors came to the event accompanied by adults, the target audience of the coffee grower, which has undoubtedly grown strongly in recent years, due to its vocal quality and very catchy lyrics.

Precisely after his great success “Red Shoes” some ladies were seen wearing shoes of that color in order to remember the song to sing it properly and perhaps feel like in the video, which has been quite a hit.

The chords started at 8:10 pm with the great themes that have made Yatra a top of the urban genre.

She sang “Melancholic Anonymous”, “Airplane Mode”, “Red Heels”, “Sutra”, “For a Dog”, “Treacherous”, “How to Look at You”, “Goodbye”, “Give Me My Heart Back”, “Dharma”, “Love passenger”, “TV”, “She no longer has a boyfriend”, “Come back”, “I finally found you”, “Couple of the year”, “One year”, “Basically”, “Ideal girl” and the hit “Steal a kiss”, although “Ojos marrones” and “Dos Oruguitas” also stood out.

In total, he performed 23 songs in a show full of details, music, lights and more. At the end of the show, the coffee grower, as usual, took off his shirt showing his muscles, already more worked, very different from that 2019, when he came to the Picnic and sang for only one hour.

As usual, DIARIO EXTRA sought out some fans of the coffee grower with the idea of ​​having them talk about their idol (see box).

Among the people, the lens of the People’s Newspaper captured some collaborators of the Government of Rodrigo Chaves, such as Jorge Rodríguez, director of the Presidential Office. In a short period of the concert, the artist changed his clothes and put on the Sele shirt with the number 15. The show ended at 10 pm


The Colombian was born in Medellín on October 15, 1994. When he was 5 years old, his family settled in the city of Miami, where the singer did his academic and artistic studies. Yatra has led the global charts with songs from the urban pop genre, reaching 16 billion streams on digital platforms and more than 21 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

He has recently swept awards received such as two Latin Grammys, four Lo Nuestro Awards, an MTV Europe Music Award, an American Music Award and a Hispanic Heritage Award.

Valentina Ospina


“I have lived in Costa Rica for 10 years, I am from Bogotá. For me, Sebastián Yatra is a transparent person, he went to sing at my prom in Colombia, he was little famous. My theme, ‘Two little caterpillars’”.

Daniela Umana

Saint Francis of Two Rivers

“I’m a big fan, but I like it, it has songs for all tastes. My favorite song is ‘En guerra’, everyone should listen to it. I like your shows. I thought more people were coming.”

Enrique Amador

Saint Joseph

“It’s the first time I’ve come to a Yatra show, I’m a fan of their first songs like ‘Un año’, ‘Vuelve’ and, of the newer ones, ‘Tacones Rojos’. I think Yatra is for all ages.”

Nayeli Hernandez Guerrero


“I am the biggest fan. I have all his music on my phone and I like ‘Treacherous’ and ‘Red heels’. We leave at 2 pm.”

Rossi Perez


“I love it, it’s super sweet, it has energy, it’s incredible. My favorite topics ‘How to look at you’ and ‘Red heels’. I’m turning 60 and I don’t care.”

Vanessa Marin

Santa Ana salt flat

“I came to accompany my son, it is the prize for his seventh grade school grades, 100 straight. He told me, ‘Mommy I want to go see Yatra’ and I got the tickets at a station. I feel happy for him.”

JOURNALIST: Ariel Chaves Gonzalez

CREDITS: Photos: Mauricio Aguilar / Photo: Carlos Borbón

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Saturday December 03, 2022

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Diario Extra – 7 thousand shout for red heels in the National Stadium