The impressive artistic legacy of Diego Verdaguer will live forever in the heart of popular song and, as such, is an essential part of Decaying DNA.

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Opening the most emotional passage of the record trilogy that reveals the influences of his music, The Real Decadents present a wonderful and sensitive version of “The Thief”, the resounding radio success of the 80’s that definitively catapulted Diego Verdaguer’s international career, consolidating himself as a celebrity in Latin America, the United States and Europe. “The Thief” is the new official single from Chapter N, the third album of the DNA trilogy of Los Auténticos Decadentes that will arrive in the second half of 2022.

With musical production by LAD, the material was recorded between Buenos Aires and Mexico City in 2021. The relationship between the artists was born in 2019 at the initiative of Maestro Verdaguer, whose wish was to carry out a joint collaboration for a new musical project on which he was working. His original idea was to record a song by Jorge Serrano, but fate wanted the musical encounter to materialize with this endearing version, whose arrangements and sound surprised its own creator.

“The Thief”, duet between Jorge Serrano and Diego Verdaguer, today joins the decadent universe as a sincere and affectionate tribute to one of the most beloved and successful Spanish-speaking artists of all time.

ADN is the three-disc project where Los Auténticos Decadentes They go through their influences offering versions of great classics of popular music from the last 50 years. The trilogy includes collaborations with important music figures such as: Los Palmeras, Miranda!, Attaque 77, Andrea Prodan, Ulises Bueno, Los Pericos, Bandalos Chinos, León Gieco (Argentina); Santaferia and Beto Cuevas (Chile); Ruben Rada (Uruguay); Panteón Rococo, Natalia Lafourcade and Bronco (Mexico) and Tokyo Ska Paradise (Japan).

LAD is preparing two important concerts for the official presentation of ADN: the first will be on July 16 at the Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City, with an international level staging and a unique experience in 360 format, where they will play for the first time time “The Thief” to remember with affection and respect the departure of his great friend Diego. Then it will be the turn of Buenos Aires, with a confirmed date for Saturday, August 6 at the Luna Park Stadium.

ntral Park Summer Stage, Celebrate Brooklyn!, RuidoFest (USA), San San, Rio Babel, Viñarock (Spaina), London Latin Music Festival (London).

They have several Gardel Awards for Argentine Music. They were highlighted by the Konex Foundation as one of the most influential rock bands. In 2019 they received an Honorary distinction for their career from CAPIF (Argentine Chamber of Producers of the Phonographic Industry).

They have 4.9M monthly Spotify listeners and 2.7M social media followers.

His complete videography (50 video clips) adds up to more than 1,000 million views on YouTube. Her most viewed video is “I don’t care about money” feat. Julieta Venegas and has 200 million views.

They have developed multiple artistic collaborations, highlighting recordings with Carlos Vives, Bronco, Leo Dan, Mon Laferte, Rubén Albarrán (Café Tacvba) and Diego Verdaguer, among others.

In October 2018 they released “Fiesta Nacional” album that addresses their repertoire in acoustic format under the prestigious MTV Unplugged format with guests such as Mon Laferte, Rubén Albarrán, Gepe, Ulises Bueno and Chaqueño Palavecino.

The MTV Unplugged tour (2019) toured 23 Latin American cities, gathering a total of 180,000 people in a marathon of Sold Out concerts, including 5 nights at the CDMX National Auditorium and another 5 at the Gran Rex Theater in Buenos Aires.


At the age of 17, Diego Verdaguer recorded his first album as a soloist; After achieving an enviable artistic position in Argentina, in 1970 he was selected to represent his native country at the Second Festival of Latin Song, at the Railway Theater in Mexico City, where he participated along with other greats of international song such as Sergio Denis, Claudio Villa from Italy and José José from Mexico.

Very shortly after and already in Mexico, his fame and results grew and multiplied throughout Latin America, the United States and even Europe, managing to develop a solid 52-year career by giving continuous hits. Creator of hits that have become classics of music in Spanish such as “Volveré”, “La ladrona”, “Que sufras más”, “Corazón de papel”, “El pasadiscos”, “Yo Pescador del Amor”, “Yo Quiero that you”, “You would do”, “The face of love”, “Tonta” and “Pídeme”, among many others, his songs became part of our lives and he became a familiar, popular, recognized figure. Without a doubt, he has been one of the most beloved artists by the public, but also one of the most respected singer-songwriters and producers by the new generations, who recognize his permanence and are sure to have sung some of his songs.

He never stopped, he always remained current and renewed, proof of this is the more than 4,000,000 followers he accumulates on his social networks, the billion views recorded by his songs on the internet and the more than 3,500,000 monthly listeners who listen to his songs on average. only on Spotify.

Diego Verdaguer left us all a valuable legacy with his example, which can be summed up in two words: love and passion. In his personal life he always cultivated family unity, he deeply loved his wife until the end of his days, their union exceeded 47 years overcoming any adversity, without a doubt a sign of real love, dedication and mutual artistic admiration. He also adored his daughters and grandchildren, he was very proud of Ana Victoria’s talent and that she followed in her footsteps; in November 2021 his grandson Lucca was born and for him it was the peak of his realization as a human being, seeing his offspring and holding that little boy in his arms, was the last great gift that gave him the life.

Professionally, he taught us to have a passion for what we do… he was tireless, he enjoyed composing, singing, creating, always being active and developing new projects. He shared dozens of good songs with us, but he also left unreleased songs, albums in progress, duets, extraordinary recordings and ideas that little by little will come to light thanks to the work and dedication that Amanda Miguel and Ana Victoria Verdaguer are imprinting on each one of them to continue honoring the memory of one of the greatest and most endearing singer-songwriters of our time, of all time, of someone who simply He has left eternal traces.

Diego Verdaguer was born on April 26, 1951 in Buenos Aires, Argentina and died on January 27, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. People like him never really go away, they are remembered daily, they continue to shine and one day we will meet them again, so be it… SEE YOU ALWAYS DEAR MAESTRO!.

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