Events to highlight this first day of 2022

Turning 40 David nalbandian Born in Unquillo, Córdoba on January 1, 1982, he is a former Argentine professional tennis player, who currently works as a rally driver.

One of the most important Argentine tennis players in history along with Guillermo Vilas, José Luis Clerc, Gaston Gaudio, Juan Martín Del Potro and Guillermo Coria. On October 1, 2013, at 31 years and 9 months of age, he announced his retirement from professional tennis at a press conference. His last game was against Rafael Nadal in an exhibition match at La Rural. In 2016 he was selected by the ATP as one of the best tennis players in history who did not obtain a Grand Slam title.

A review of his great moments.Tennis – Top 20 Best Points of David Nalbandian

1883 – The Russian-Argentine writer and journalist is born Alberto Gerchunoff, whose youthful experiences in the agricultural colonies of Entre Ríos would turn into the novel “The Jewish Gauchos”, also made into a film in 1975.

The Jewish gauchos – Pepe Soriano

1871 – The Argentine Civil Code, work of the Cordovan lawyer Dalmacio Vélez Sarsfield (1800-1875).

Dalmacio Velez Sarsfield, a native of Amboy

Antonio Carrizo placeholder image, born as Antonio Carrozzi was born in General Villegas, Province of Buenos Aires on September 15, 1926 and died on January 1, 2016, he was an Argentine journalist, broadcaster and entertainer.

Furthermore, he was one of the bibliophiles who was linked to the Colombo printing press, where special editions of works such as Don Segundo Sombra were prepared almost by hand; Likewise, along with other experts such as Horacio Jorge Becco or Alejandro Vaccaro, he was probably one of the greatest connoisseurs of the work of Jorge Luis Borges.

On the other hand, and as a chess practitioner, he was linked with other great exponents such as world champion Bobby Fischer. He was President of the Argentine Chess Federation. Brief and valuable memory of Alejandro Dolina.

Alejandro Dolina remembers Antonio Carrizo at the Summit Meeting

Let’s review this interview from Antonio Carrizo to Jorge Luis Borges in January 1981

Celebrating Borges – Interview from Antonio Carrizo to Jorge Luis Borges

Turns 45: Axel Patricio Fernando Witteveen was born in Rafael Calzada on January 1, 1977, better known as Axel, is an Argentine singer and songwriter. He has been awarded five Carlos Gardel Awards, one MTV Europe Music Awards, one MTV Latin America, two top 40, one MTV Millennial Awards, one Kids Choice Awards Argentina, one TVyNovelas, one Heat Latin Music Awards, among others. Here he sings invited by Los Palmeras

Forget It – Los Palmeras Ft. Axel | Official Video Cumbia Tube

1818: Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” is published. Frankenstein or the modern Prometheus, according to its original title, is about a being created from different parts of corpses, to which the life of Victor Frankenstein (its creator) is granted during an experiment. The character has become part of popular culture and has been for the creation of other characters in novels, comics, television series and movies. This animation is very didactic explaining the novel and the character.

The TRUE story of FRANKENSTEIN’s monster – Draw My Life

He is 117 years old. In 1905 the Independent Athletic Club (which will win 7 Libertadores Cups and 2 Intercontinental Cups). Story told when he turned 100 years old.

• NATIONAL PRIDE • The golden history of Independiente (1964-2018)

It turns 112 years old. In 1910 the Club Atlético Vélez Sarsfield . Vélez is a sports entity based in the Liniers neighborhood, Buenos Aires. Its main activity is soccer, whose first team participates in the First Division of Argentina. It is one of the most successful and representative clubs in Argentine football. It has been in the First Division for 100 seasons (12 in the amateur era and 88 in the professional era) and 78 in a row, which makes it the second team that has played continuously for the longest time at the highest level of the official championships. from the country

CLUB ATLÉTICO VÉLEZ SARSFIELD ¨La Historia¨ – TirandoDATA with Walter Queijeiro

1910: for the first time the Spanish start the year eating twelve grapes to the sound of the bells, according to a French custom. In the video another date is mentioned but it is interesting to see the celebration in Madrid.


1959: in Cuba: the rebellion against the dictatorship triumphs and the Cuban revolution. The dictator Fulgencio Batista takes refuge in the Dominican Republic and in his place the commander of the Rebel Army Fidel Castro takes power.

Fragment of Fidel Castro’s speech on January 1, 1959

Nina miranda Born in Montevideo on November 8, 1925 and died in Buenos Aires on January 1, 2012, whose real name was Nelly María Hunter, she was a Uruguayan tango singer and songwriter, who stood out in the 1950s.

In 2008, with the singers María de la Fuente, Elsa Rivas and the Orquesta Nacional de Música Argentina Juan de Dios Filiberto they presented the show The Return of the Female Singers at Harrods, where they sang their most successful songs evoking the times of splendor of tango.

Owner of a natural setting, a crystalline voice, a soft and expressive phrasing, in her facet as a composer she was the author of the tangos Canción para mi amor with lyrics by Abel Aznar and Don’t pay attention to the people, with music by Néstor D’Alessandro

IT WAS THREE YEARS — Nina Miranda — Graciano Gomez — 1957

The New Year it is the celebration of the beginning of the following year on the calendar, depending on the type of calendar used. The most common is that of January 1, of the Gregorian calendar, which was established by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582 and is used in most countries of the world. Because of this celebration, January 1 is a public holiday in most of the world.

Light show from previous years in Villa Carlos Paz. This year due to the sanitary provisions it was suspended in show

Fireworks Carlos Paz 2020

In 1788 the first public lighting in the city of Córdoba during the governorship of the Marquis Rafael de Sobremonte, according to the project approved by the Cabildo on August 17, 1787 (Funte Esteban Domina).

We review this video of the history of the city made by Channel 10

Special Report 439 years of the Córdoba Foundation

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Events to highlight this first day of 2022