From Beyoncé to Keke Palmer: celebrities who announced their pregnancies in live shows

Several celebrities have found ways to break the news (Jovani Pérez/Infobae)

In recent years, something that has become fashionable are the original ways that people have to announce that they will have a baby, because from some emotional video to a party, several couples throughout the world have sought a way to Surprise your loved ones with the news.

In this way, some of the most important celebrities in the entertainment industry have not been left behind, since they have taken advantage of all their resources to impact not only their relatives, but also all their fans and the media.

One of the most memorable moments happened in 2011, when the awards ceremony was taking place. MTV Video Music Awards.

Prior to the famous moment, Britney Spears and Lady Gaga were in charge of presenting the musical number that would perform Beyoncé, which seconds later appeared with a fitted purple and black suit and on her back.

“MTV makes me feel so good, okay, I want them up, I want you to feel the love that is growing inside of me.” were the first words the singer said before turning around and starting to sing her hit Love On Top.

But, although the indications of the news had already been announced, many of those present still did not understand what was happening, but everything became clear when at the end of his number, Beyoncé unbuttoned the jacket she was wearing and showed her pregnant belly.

By that time, the attendees were greatly moved and the cameras focused on Kanye West and Jay Z, who were very happy celebrating the news.

Beyoncé has shown off her pregnancy belly (WireImage/GC Images)
Beyoncé has shown off her pregnancy belly (WireImage/GC Images)

This was Beyoncé’s first pregnancy and from which her daughter Blue Ivy Carter was born, who is currently 10 years old and already has a renowned musical career, since in March 2021 she was awarded her first Grammy, triumphing in the category of Best Music Video by Brown Skin Girl.

Another celebrity who was not far behind was Cardi B., who has made two live revelations of her pregnancy. The first happened in 2018, during the program Saturday night Live when the artist appeared before the cameras to promote its simple Be Careful.

However, something that drew attention, in addition to her unquestionable talent, was that Cardi B appeared in a fitted white dress that showed her prominent belly.

In the same way, in several videos that circulated on networks after the presentation, the singer could be seen behind the scenes very smiling for breaking the news.

Cardi B did a pregnant performance (Photo by Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for BET)
Cardi B did a pregnant performance (Photo by Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for BET)

“We did it, I’m finally free” he said, while his entire team applauded him moved.

The second occasion occurred in the BET Awards (Black Entertainment Television) 2021, when Cardi B surprised with the news of a new pregnancy.

And it is that, during her presentation with the rapper Migos, the famous one was shown on stage to sing her single Type Shit with a spectacular full black leotard and with a prominent transparency in the abdomen that allowed us to see that she was about to have a baby.

Keke Palmer is an actress widely recognized for participating in productions of Nickelodeon What True Jackson, VP or be the first African American to star in Cinderella on Broadway.

But it was in early December 2022, when the actress stole the cameras during an appearance on Saturday night Livebecause he did not hesitate to resume the rumors that he was pregnant during a monologue.

Keke Palmer is expecting her baby (Kamau/GC Images)
Keke Palmer is expecting her baby (Kamau/GC Images)

“People have been commenting ‘Keke is pregnant’ so I’ll set the record straight,” he began.

In this way and surprisingly, the actress opened her jacket and showed her belly while saying excitedly: “I am”.

The public cheered and applauded her loudly, while Keke limited herself to smiling and thanking the news for the good reception.

Although not many celebrities have dared to reveal their pregnancy live, many singers have shown up expecting to give their concerts and presentations normally.

One of the most notorious cases occurred during the 2014 World Cup final in Brazil, where Shakira played success la la la with a fitted red dress and transparency in the torso.

And it is that, although by then the famous had not made public that she was pregnant with her son Sasha, several of her fans did not take long to speculate what was happening.

Therefore, shortly after the interpreter of Flies in the house either Inevitable gave an interview for cosmopolitan and revealed that she would indeed be a mother again.

“Well yes, the truth is that yes, I’m pregnant”the singer, who is currently going through a difficult separation with Gerard Piqué, told the publication.

In 2020, Katy Perry announced that she was about to be a mother together with actor Orlando Bloom and in March of that same year, the singer performed in a show for the ICC Women’s T20 Cricket World Cup sporting event. where she completely showed off her tummy.

The interpreter sang some of her greatest hits such as Roar either Firework and appeared before her audience in a pink dress with a pattern that captivated those present.

The news about her pregnancy was given in the first instance from her account instagram where he also confirmed that he was going to release more musical material.

There are many things that will happen this summer, I will not only give birth, literally, but also figuratively, to something that you have been waiting for.”, he placed at that time.

In addition, the famous gave a virtual presentation for the electronic music festival tomorrowland where she was shown in an orange dress that showed how advanced her pregnancy was.

Jennifer López attended the stage of the American Airlines Arena in Miami in 2007 to give a concert that was marked in the memory of many, because during the event, the singer was pregnant with Marc Anthony, without knowing that she was not really expecting a baby. baby but two, which would be his twins Max and Emme.

It was in 2008 when The Bronx Diva released the news that her babies had been born in good health, however, after time passed, her relationship with the salsa singer did not work out, they divorced and she now remarried Ben Affleck.


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From Beyoncé to Keke Palmer: celebrities who announced their pregnancies in live shows