From Tijuana No to “La Nostalgia”: What has become of Julieta Venegas?

From Tijuana No to La Nostalgia What has become of
Julieta Venegas at VL 2022. Photo: Cuartoscuro.

Julieta Venegas has remained on the difficult, sinuous, but joyous path of music for decades and although he was out, fleetingly, from the shots where the grades and the chords predominate, 2022 will close with a new album and presentations alongside artists of the stature of, for example, björk.

The singer, twin sister of the renowned photographer Yvonne Venegas and born in Long Beach, Californiahas once again been on the lips of all those fans, music lovers and explorers of diverse rhythms, after their participation in festivals such as the “Pa’l Norte 2023” “Ceremony” and “Spring Sound”.

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Juliet’s story

Julieta has been characterized, through her path on earthly planes (she was born in 1970), by become professional in musicbeing a multi-instrumentalist who dominates, mainly, the piano, accordion, guitar and, of course, the voice.

Venegas was a member, for a few months, of the iconic band Tijuana No since its inception and even before, when the group was called “Blackmail” and composed one of the most emblematic songs of rock in Mexico, “Poor of you”.

At that time, the singer was barely 17 years old. It was not until 1996 when she fully launched her solo career, in which she has edited seven studio albumsto which are added the acoustic one for the MTV network and the one for the soundtrack of the play, La Enamorada.

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  • The fact: It is estimated that Julieta Venegas has sold 25 million records worldwide.

Throughout her career, the composer has also won two awards grammys and 10 Latin Grammy awards, in addition to two Billboard Music Awards and seven awards mtv.

  • Julieta Venegas has more than 16 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

What has become of Julieta Venegas?

In addition to the series of concerts with which he will close and open the year, to which are added the ones he will give at the Metropolitan Theater of the CDMXon November 25 and 26, and on New Yorkon November 29, Julieta prepares the release of her new album “Your history”of which he has already released some singles.

In addition to the theme that has just been released on digital platforms, called “The Nostalgia”four more singles are already being heard: “Mismo Amor”, “Walk Sola”, “En Tu Orilla” and “Te Encontré”.

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“La Nostalgia” was written by Julieta during the pandemicwhere the difficulties of traveling were the daily bread, so the song denotes the melancholia and the feeling, in the composer’s own words, “of being away from her city and family”.

  • The data: The theme video was directed by Nicholas Ruizphotography was in charge of Mary Secco and was produced by Pauline Valencia.

“I have been working with women directors and it seems to me an ideal way, because we approach from uncertainty. We searched for the story, thinking about the song, making dialogue, and I think that led us to a personal work, where Nico’s vision meets my own language, just as personal”.

Julieta Venegas.

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On Wednesday, November 9, Julieta Venegas will perform at Primavera Sound, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, alongside Feli Colina, Javier Mena and Björk, in what will surely become one of the most symbolic concerts of his entire career.

The release of his new album It is planned for before the end of 2022.

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From Tijuana No to “La Nostalgia”: What has become of Julieta Venegas?